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Monday, July 9, 2018

[Home cooking- Recipe] Gobi Tawa Masala

Few days back, I spotted this lunch shot by Lifewithspices and she had sweetly shared the recipe for the Gobi tawa masala as well... It had me drooling and wanting to try the recipe, mainly cos it looked good and seemed quite easy to whip up :-)

I love cauliflower and guess what, we had cauliflower and broccoli at home... Since it was Sunday, we decided to make something different for Lunch [gramma & I love trying out new recipes, she finds some on Facebook feed, and many from her fav Tv cookery show by Revathi Shanmugam]...  But then since it was just me & gramma, decided to just make one version, minus onions & garlic.. It came out well, and tasted yummilicious..

Oh well, does not looking anything like what K has created but we enjoyed the flavour and taste, esp the flavour added by cauliflower that had been taken to the edge on the tawa... Sharing the recipe screenshot from her feed and the final product that we dove into..

[Reipe courtesy:]

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pind da Khana with Chef Lucky Singh at Courtyard by Marriott Chennai

 Side dishes.. All were laid out in neat wooden pots

 Kulcha with Pind chole..

 Roti with Sarson ka saag, butter and jaggery

 Pani puri with spicy water 

Gajar ka halwa [carrot halwa] & Kala Jamun [slightly different version of our Gulab jamun]

The Jalebi station

 The dessert platter- Moti choorladoo, Plain Jalebi , Pineapple jalebi and carrot halwa ice cream with nougat bits

Medley of ice creams- Carrot halwa, Moti Choor Ladoo ice cream Rose and Kala jamun... 

Punjabi khana is something different.. it is not what you get in Delhi or Bombay or anywhere else.. The cuisine from Punjab and Pind region stands apart from every other North Indian food you would have eaten. And that is what had me curious about the Pind da Khana at Courtyard by Marriott Chennai..

Yes, the food has a lot of butter and ghee, but the beauty is it does not feel heavy at the end of the meal. During the course of dinner, had the opportunity to chat with Chef Lucky Singh is from Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai where he currently works as the Chef de Partie. With over 10 years of experience with food, he specializes in Indian Cuisine, with focus on Indian Curries and the Tandoor. When I told him how food to me was more than just the dish, it was about the journey, the history, he was very humble and responded that he cooks from the heart, and that is the only way he knows how to cook. 

This was his 1st visit to Chennai and he did share a bit about how he was still finding his foot and how the ingredients were different, therefore he wasn't able to achieve the exact taste what you would get in Punjab /Amritsar... He went on to say that the water from the region makes a world of difference for the cuisine..  I guess that is true.. The way you cook, the temperature of the place, the vegetables, the quality of milk, butter and paneer, all of this makes a difference to the final dish.. 

But for someone like me who has been to Amritsar and eaten at the numerous dhabbas there, had lassi from their local stores, it was quite an experience to eat food that was straight from that region. Loved the flavours, the medley of spices that were used [ Chef makes his own spices and said nothing store bought works]. 

If you are a fan of Pindi chole, Rajma masala, Amritsari Bharta and the various kulchas, you should give this festival a visit. There was quite a range of options for the vegetarians and that was heart warming! You must also try the Roohafza drink or maybe the Mango lassi or if you are a fan of the Amritsari Lassi, then go for it. Served up in small glass bottles these are perfect for our warm summer evenings. 

Apart from these, you have a live Chaat counter, and a small salad bar as well. Oh and the highlight of the evening was the Dessert section- Jalebi, Pineapple jalebi[ it had a slice of pineapple that had been dippled in jalebi batter, deep fried and soaked in Jalebi syrup- was yummm], the North indian sweets and interesting ice creams that the Chef has whipped up just for the festival.  Btw, the festival is on in Bangalore subsequently... 

For further details Contact: +91 7338836320 / +91 9500120882

This festival is on till 8th July 2018 and for Dinner only [7.30 pm – 11.00 pm]

Paprika Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Chennai
564, Anna Salai,
Chennai 600018

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon App├ętit :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

All new menu at The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt, Chennai

Restaurants go through ups and downs, and it is then time to reinvent the wheel, look for new festivals, new venues to crank things up a bit. Here too at Flying Elephant in Park Hyatt they are shaking things up with a whole new menu. Yes, some of the familiar popular dishes continue to remain but there are quite a few new additions crafted by Chef Jyotisankar...

Flying Elephant is not really just a restaurant, it is more of an experience. From the minute you walk, to finding a table and enjoying the meal....

Here is what we got to try,

Paneer e Hasan- the Chef who created this was Hasan and so he named it so...cheeky right?!:-) Each paneer disk had a different stuffing- spinach, saffron and one more...

Kamal kakdi ki Shammi -Pan fried lotus stem patties with brown onion & medley of spices. It was literally melting in our mouth..

The signature in-house bread with tomato dip..

Burrata al forno con salsa di pomodoro e olio di tartufo - Baked burrata inside a thin wrap sitting on a puddle of delicious tomato sauce that had truffle oil in it and was covered in fried vermicelli with a side of Rocket leaves... We loved digging into this bowl and trying to get a piece of everything in one forkful.. 

Insalata con rababaro e cuori palma, caprino, pistachio, salsa al miele- This salad had my attention, it had roasted rhubarb, heart of palm, some goat's cheese that had been shallow fried sitting in the middle.. The dressing was a pistachio in a spiced honey vinaigrette... Rhubarb is something I had seen only on TV and so was very curious to try and taste..

Ravioli di zucca e confit di cipolla, mascarpone fresco, salvia e noci- Roasted pumpkin chestnuts and walnuts packed ravioli sitting on a butter sage sauce with sweet crisp biscuits made with vanilla beans & caramalised onions. The ravioli had saffron in the pasta sheets... It was heavenly and we couldnt stop eating it.. 

Risotto alla primevera- Risotto made with spring vegetables, vialone and asparagus topped with crisp beans and microherbs..  [This is a gluten free dish].. The Risotto was creamy with a bite from the beans on top and the three kinds of cheese that had been blended it.. It was a tad too rich for my palate. 

From their Indian section came this trio- Soft butter naan, bowl of steamed rice and Shahi Hari Gobi Zaitooni - Broccoli and olives cooked in a saffron, onion and cashew gracy.. The olives gave it a sharp hit of saltiness.. But when eaten with rice/roti it was perfect.. 

We got to try two different desserts, one Indian and other Western...  The minute I saw the Apple crumble , I was ready with my fork and all set to dig in... :-) The other one was a salted caramel kulfi on a bed of soft vermicelli and few other sauces/flavours...

Oh and during the meal, we also witnessed the entire team lining up and putting on a small dance performance, not once but twice.. Was quite nice to see people across levels joining in and having fun! 

The Flying Elephant is open for dinner on all days with brunch on Sundays. 
Park Hyatt 
#39, Velachery Road, 

For reservations call: (044) 71771234/ 044 7177 1655

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Savya Rasa, Kotturpuram Chennai

It is always good to see new restaurants make an entry in the city. joining the league is Savya Rasa [which was launched in Pune back in 2015], yet another from the Pricol Gourmet group [Soy Soi right next door is one more from this brand] and then there is one more coming up on Cenotaph Road! The menu here is medley of dishes from seven regions, like Mangaluru, Mysuru, Nellore, Kongunadu, Chettinad, Nasrani and Malabar, each with their distinct cultural identities.

The decor is very traditional, with yesteryear household appliances adorning the walls, the tables, the lights are all what you would have seen in your grandparents homes in your home towns. If you have been to Meena Tai or Batlivala & Khanabhoy, some of them might look familiar.. [yes they were a part of the decor when the restaurants were around] .

The menu card is beautiful, almost like an olai suvadi [palm leaf] except made of wood, and you flip through each page to check out the extensive menu. Each item is listed with their origin and a description of what it means. 

Since my friend & I were vegetarians, we tucked into a few of their speciality vegetarian dishes. We asked one of the staff to take the call on the dishes for us to try and each dish was exquisite, down to the tender coconut pudding.

On the table was a bowl with different kinds of vadams that was served with 3 kinds of chutneys- raw tamarind, puli ingi and maavadu. I loved the raw tamarind chutney with the vadams. It was delicious and very new!

Kokum Mojito - was delicous
Water - they have 3 kinds- jeera water, vetti ver or tulsi.. 

Rice and lentils steeped over night, stone ground into a batter, seasoned with ginger, green chillies, grated coconut, crushed pepper, stuffed with three types of chutney and shallow-fried in a customised cast iron pan. These were yumm, my favorite among all the dishes. Everytime you bite into it, a burst of thakkali onion chutney pops in your mouth... :)

 Pallipalayam Kalan- Mushrooms cooked with local masala 


A fluffy multilayered bread made with refined wheat flour, egg and butter cooked on a griddle – soul food!
Served with Vazhaipoo & murungakkai kozhambu that was like a cross between arachu vitta sambar and koottu we make at home.

For mains we also had VETRILAI POONDU SAADAM - Short grain rice flavoured with digestive betel leaves and fried garlic – a secret recipe from the land of the Cheras.It was served with a simple yet yumm Thengai pachadi [ Grated fresh coconut in curd with mustard seeds tempering]- unfortunately did not take a photo of it.. 

For dessert- it was ELANEER PUDDING

Tender coconut water jelly set with China grass – a Thannur delicacy... With no added sugar it was deliciious and light.

The vettrilai potti that came at the end of the meal, quite the traditional box that had us rapt with curiosity.. 

This meal for 2 worked out to Rs1800 odd [incl GST].. The place is open for lunch and dinner and they have seating across the 3 rooms, and a private hall of sorts towards the end of the main hall. Loved the decor, the ambiance, the service and ofcourse the food as well. 

Savya Rasa
2/10, Gandhi Mandapam Rd, Chitra Nagar, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600085
[opp AMM school]
Ph- 044 2447 2557 

Note: They are open for Lunch and dinner..