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Monday, July 28, 2014

Food tales... Disasters

Be it at home or outside, when we spot something that is not meant to be in our dish, we get disgusted, angry, upset and sometimes just up and walk away...

This has happened quite a few times across restaurants - and it is quite a dampener. The minute we spot hair or any other foreign object, the initial reaction is "Yeww" and then we hail a staff member, show him/her what we discovered and send the dish back... 

And then there are times when food is uncooked.. What do you do at such times? 

I am not one to create a ruckus, infact most times I would message the restaurant owner [who I might/might not know] expressing unhappiness about the same thing.. But there have been times when it has gone sour, blown out of proportion and erupted like an angry raging volcano... 

I have had restaurants serving me the wrong dish, serving me non veg [I am a veggie], mixing up orders, burning dishes [no not sizzlers], desserts which are sour [ cream has spoilt, etc].... 

The most recent was yesterday- we were a bunch of girls at Kipling cafe [ most of us visiting the place for the 1st time]. We were shown to a table, and as we skimmed through the menu, we were not very impressed with what we saw, esp when we saw the prices against each of them. We braved it, ordered a cold coffee, a crepe [in orange sauce] and a mud cake. 

To sum it up, all 3 were disasters.. Cold coffee felt like i had taken cold milk, mixed in a spoon of nescafe and sugar... The mudcake was more of a lava cake [was good  as a lava cake] and then comes the highlight of the evening- the crepe in orange sauce.. The sauce was nice, the crepe was uncooked and bland and we found hair in the crepe... Sigh~!!  We sent the crepe back, and quickly paid the bill and got out of the place. Made us wonder "what is the point of having a lovely property, ambiance, seating and serve such terrible food" 

What would you do if you were in such a situation? 

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