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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cream & Fudge Factory, Chennai

So, finally the visit to Cream & Fudge Factory happened last evening. It is a fairly small place, rather narrow and long space located near Auroville and Cafe Coffee Day lounge on Khader Nawaz Khan Road.

I had read about the Cold stone concept and how they mix the ice cream with fruits and sauces before serving it to you, ergo, i was curious to taste the end result... As you walk in through the doors, the display of ice creams and waffle cones are the 1st thing you see, but not before the warmth in that area has you break out into a sweat.. it was really warm there.. but the seating area was cool/cold wherever the ac worked!. I was fascinated with the 4 kinds of waffle cones and cups on display.
Plain Waffle
Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce
Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce and colourful sprinkles and finally  the
Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce and nuts

[Pic courtesy: Cream & Fudge Factory website]

After scanning through the extensive menu card, i decided on the Apple Crumble ice cream.. They also had a choose the flavours and create your own ice cream option

I love Apple Pie, and basically anything to do with Apples and Cinnamon... :-) 

I chose the Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce and colourful sprinkles in Medium size and waited for the treat to arrive.. My Friend chose the Rocky Road in the same waffle cup... 
It was sinful.. The flavour of apples, cinnamon and sweetness was just perfect.. I relished it to a point where i was nearly done and remembered i have not taken a picture of the dessert :D

The ice cream no doubt was good.. but i dont really know what the cold stone did to the dessert, it tasted like someone had mashed up an apple pie with ice cream, and dolloped it. The vanilla ice cream is nice and full of flavour and so is the fudge sauce.. And another thing was we were unable to enjoy the waffle cup, it is just there, towards the end of the ice cream, i kinda squished the waffle like a dosa and gobbled it up!!

Ok, to update, i was here again in the same week when another friend took me over for a treat.. And this time, i was wise, actually both of us were- we chose the simple plain cup for our ice creams. I had the berry ice cream with Cherry pie and it was good!! There was no place to sit, so we walked around the road devouring our ice creams and catching up on our lives... Was fun!!  

Ambiance- 7/10[Ac wasnt working in the area where you place the order, but it was cool in the seating area, dont know if it was a deliberate thing]
Service- Nothing to rate here as it is self service
Food- Good 8/10
Price- 5/10 [And it is quite expensive.... Albeit, it was friend's treat, but i did notice the prices!! ] 


  1. Yummy! Simply irresistible this is! Will surely drop by here when am in Chennai :)

  2. This is the same concept behind the CreamStone/ColdStone ice-cream shops. Never knew Cream & Fudge Factory was similar too. But then, there is no Apple crumble inthe cold stone.
    Personally I dont like the concept of my ice-cream mashed up with different items, but then it does taste good, albeit very artificial. :)

  3. Been waiting to go here for the longest time! i've been to the Cream and Fudge factory in Blor and they are good. tad expensive, but good :)


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