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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Anniversary package at The Crown, Residency Towers, Chennai

It is date night and you are looking to take your partner somewhere nice, good ambiance, good food and a lovely experience. Alas, there are not too much options in Chennai. Well, guess what, that is about to change. Crown in Residency towers has introduced a package for couples. 

As you make the reservation, the team at Crown gets a few things ready and are all set awaiting your arrival. You are given a bouquet and then shown to your table. You get to choose from the special Anniversary menu and are also treated to a yummy cake as you wind up for the evening. All this is priced at INR 1999/- for a couple.  Oh and there is more, you are also given a gift voucher that can be redeemed on your next visit to the Restaurant. How cool is that? 

Next time you wonder where to take your spouse/partner for a romantic evening, you know where to head...  Here is a sneak peek into the dishes we enjoyed [from this Anniversary menu]

The Crown
20th Floor, The Residency Towers, 
#115, Thyagaraya Road, 
T. Nagar
Chennai- 600017
Ph: 044 28156363

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  :-)

Dessert Hopping- Part 1

Before you start reading, should issue a warning: Do not tell me I dint warn you of how jealous you would get or how angry you would feel that you do not have awesome friends like I do.. buha haha…

The cool people:
Five friends with nothing but our love for food as the common thread…

The plan:
To go  Dessert hopping. Yes you heard it right, we decided to visit a whole range of places just to try their desserts.

Why? You ask!! Why not I say! One friend in the group suggested this nearly a month ago and since then talks were on, but we were yet to finalise on a date. And now, a date was set, the people were all informed. 

Alas, only 3 out of 5 were game! We said “lets go for it” and made it happen.

How cool is that? Yes, that is how cool we are!! :D

Had it been 5 of us, we would have visited Taj Club house in Mount Road to try their chocolate cake, Hyatt for their Tiramisu, Pan Asian in ITC Grand Chola  to meet Ms Lady of Mint and then finally end the night at Est in Hilton with their Macarons.  But since the 5 became 3, we took Taj off the list. I was dreading the sugar overload, but knowing me I would probably have ordered a cup of coffee to survive the sugar high..but it wasnt needed!

The Evening:
The night began at 8pm at Hyatt. I arrived and waited for the other two suspects to land in their carriages. In the meanwhile, I happily went about clicking pictures of the place and what not..

And it begins….

We rode up the elevator to the 1st floor to Focaccia and were met by the Manager- Karthik who greeted us and asked us if we wanted food. We turned him down saying we were there just for desserts especially for their Tiramisu.

Karthik: You sure you don’t want anything to eat? Starters?

Us: No, we would like a portion of your Tiramisu please

Karthik: walked away shaking head…. Comes back with a nice big plate with a huge portion of Tiramisu.

This one looked nothing like what I have had earlier. It wasn’t a neat square nor was it served in a glass. It came like a blob on the plate [to quote Doc].  And when we asked them to show the main bowl, the chef brought one giant bowl that had Tiramisu to the brim.

How was it? Oh it melted in my mouth even before I pulled the spoon out. It was divine and so unlike any others. It was light, gentle and just mucho grando Bellissimo.. [throws kisses in the air]

Doc asked Chef Gopi if we could try the Chocolate Salami. I stared at them all like “are you serious?” and then was told that it was a dessert and not meat dish. Curious, we asked for a portion of the same. It looked quite cute- three big slices with a sprinkle of sugar and a single mint sprig on top. On first bite I knew it had biscuits in it and it was made with dark chocolate. Ah, what joy!! It was not sweet as in my teeth wanna do a tango kind!

 Phew!! That was one awesome start to the evening and we were all set to attack the remaining places. The staff at Hyatt couldn’t get over us declining food and only eating desserts.. lol..

Time for you to take a break and go have some water or coffee while we devour these desserts…. Slupralicious… [now now, dont put dhristi on me I say!!]

Part 2 continues………………….

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Smartass Matire'd

After a hot tiring day, 4 of us decided to head out to dinner to a Chinese restaurant. Two of us went ahead to reserve a table, the Maitre de asked for my name, and here is a snippet of the conversation that happened....  

I -Hi, we need a table for 4
Maitre'd- Do you have a reservation?
My friend - No, but is it necessary?
Maitre'd- No ma'am, as you can see we have plenty of tables, I shall seat you. Can I get your name and number please?
I: my name is "aarti" and my number is 122344459
Maitre'd- * writes it down and while showing us to the table says "Aarti is the name of the girl in Chetan Bhagat's 2 states" [with a big glee like he has just won the Olympic gold medal]
I: No it is not, but can we not talk about it please. 
Maitre'd guy- *shows us to a table with 4 in the center* and we chose the other one in the corner with 6 chairs..
My friend: Can we get this table?
Maitre'd guy- Yes, sure you can. You can also invite 3 others if you want 
My friend- [controlling her anger]- Our bagwatis can sit in them 
Maitre'd guy-* leaves*
The two other friends come over , and settle in. 
Maitre'd guy- *is back with the menu card to take order for Soup & Starters*
Me & a friend: Sweet corn soup- 1/2 & veg momos
The other 2 girls- Nonveg dimsums, Chicken lollypop and Chicken Manchow soup 1/2... But why does the soup have tofu and mushroom in it? Can we get it without them?
Maitre'd guy- Yes ma'am our soup comes with those two, but I can make it without them
The other 2 girls- yes please.. Dont like tofu and other one was allergic to mushrooms
Maitre'd guy-  Yes, Tofu is yuck but we do add them in the soup.  
I: umm, i disgree but dont want to go further on it... 
Maitre'd guy- Ok, will get soup without it.

Few Minutes later the Non veg dimsum arrived and then came the chicken lollypop [ in a plate that had messed up sauce in the center and a tattered carrot flower on the side].
Friend 3: *gasp* that looks like some leftovers piled on and served to us. *beckons the guy who served us*
Maitre'd guy * comes over to serve the dimsum* and then 
Friend 3: is this how the chicken lollypop is presented?
Maitre'd guy - yes ma'am 
Friend 3: Does it look neat and nice to you?
Maitre'd guy- how else do you present it?
Friend 3 *has lost it*- To put it in your own words, it look yuck. Can you please take it back and bring us a neat plate with the lollypops!
Maitre'd guy- Yes ma'am.... 

For the rest of the evening he served us silently and his hands were shaking like a leaf... we went on to finish our dinner in peace with no wisecracks from the Maitre'd guy... 

Wtf... where does he get the idea that he can use words like "yuck" and "how do you want it presented" with customers? Is this acceptable!!? Do people just sit and take it? heck, we were so cheesed off with the way he behaved..

Overall, food was average.
We had to ask repeatedly for water
Friend requested for garlic sauce which never came
In the bill, they had not only included ST, SC, vat but there was Cess, Education Cess,  Higher Education Cess... what on earth are these? And we actually dint want to pay the SC... 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kebab Fest [Till May end], Skillet in Hablis

Choose any 3 kebabs
Order for a glass of wine
And you are set for the meal... 
Wait, one more thing
You not only get the kebabs
But you also get 2 small roti/naan
a cup of divine yellow daal
the perfect mint chutney 
and a small serving of salad in a rolled up pappad
All this for Rs400 [all inclusive]

How cool a deal is that? 

Well, that is exactly what this Kebab fest at Skillet is all about. There are 3 veg and 6-7 non veg kebabs available.

I quite loved the veg kebab platter that I got, infact so did the guys who had just devoured their non veg platter. There was potato stuffed with cashews and raisins, paneer and finally the one with mushrooms, capsicum and pineapple which was just divine! The non veg troops got a seafood kebab served in a bowl that was edible along with the roti, daal , chutney and pappad..  

The wine they served was quite good- red wine, dry and not sweet, just perfect for this kind of a meal. A friend was already dreaming of their Tiramisu and so we went ahead and asked for one portion of the same.. It was good but felt it was a bit too heavy.. 

This fest is on till the end of May, so go give it a try!!

No.19, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Guindy, Madras, Tamil Nadu 600032
Ph: 044 2233 4000

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  :-)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cream & Fudge, T Nagar

Sprinkles, Oreo cookies, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, apple sauce, blueberry sauce,hazelnut, chocolate chips, hot gooey fudge.. Ah, I can see you are already drooling!!  Imaging walking into a place that offered you all this and more? Yes, that is how awesome the experience was. Who doesn't love ice cream, right? Well, to be honest, am not a big ice cream freak, but I do love my desserts, especially Apple Pie.. You will see me ordering it everywhere I go. So, you can imagine my joy when I saw it on the menu up on the wall here..    And since then, I have been hooked. 

Where am I? I was at Cream & Fudge in Venkatnarayana Road, T Nagar. As a family, we frequent the outlet in KNK road and this was the 1st time at the T Nagar outlet. Right above is the Pizza corner outlet. 

What was the evening all about?
A bunch of us were there, said Hi hello to new faces and chitter chatter with familiar ones and then got down to business. What business you ask? Well, we were going to create our own ice cream sundaes. And now guesses- I chose the Apple crumble- with the help of the Store manager and staff managed to whip up a yumm bowl of ice cream. 

How did I do it? First you scoop out the ice cream from the tub onto the cold stone. Put the scoop in the bowl of flowing water. Then pick up what looks like flat spatulas- two of them, one for each hand. You have to hold it in a particular angle, cut into the ice cream scoops. And now comes the fun part- you add the biscuit crumbs and apple pie mix onto it, and mix it up by cutting and mixing the ice cream, scraping all the way to the bottom.   After four or five whips, it is done and ready to be placed in a bowl. I chose the plain paper cup [ have tried the waffle cones and waffle cups, but they are a tad difficult to bite into as they get tad soggy with the ice cream in it].. The manager suggested I add some caramel sauce on my ice cream, which I did [I should have avoided it, made the ice cream very sweet] ... All that apart, it was sinful- the flavour of apple and cinnamon and crunch of the crumbs- sure felt like heaven!! 

Once I was done, I got out from behind the counter to the other side and started clicking pictures of the places, the others who tried their hand at making sundaes. One of the staff made a Mango based sundae and he tossed it up in the air quite high before it felt right into the cup... That guy sure is talented and has a good aim!!

Next time you get ice cream craving, you know where to head!! Oh and they have a new Watermelon based sundae for the summer.. 

Cream & Fudge
Venkatanarayana Rd,
Few doors down from Tirupati Devasthanam temple
T Nagar, 
Chennai - 600017 
Ph: +91 95 00 087696/+91 9611982559

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brunch at The Verandah in Vivanta by Taj-Connemara, Chennai

There is nothing better than lazing on a Sunday, not having to hurry or rush to make breakfast and then get dressed to head off to office. But, alas, it wasn't to be so. The Saturday evening was spent at a friend’s house and we chilled till Sunday mid morning. We had dosa for breakfast and spend a good few hours sorting out her stuff [she had just moved to a different apartment]. Before we knew it, the clock had struck 12 and like Cinderella, I rushed out her door towards home. I had less than an hour to get home, shower, get dressed and head over for Brunch. Damn, this is so now how I had pictured it in my head when I got the invite.

A few minutes late, I reached The Verandah in Vivanta by Taj-Connemara around 1.10 pm and found the table that was reserved for us. Unlike most places, they did not have a card that read “Reserved”, instead it said “Promised”. Our table was near the poolside, and we could see the pool glistening in the sunlight, and the bouncing castle and balloon guy right next to it. It looked so inviting, but there I was sitting inside sipping Orange juice and waiting for my friend.

The Verandah, the all-day dining multi-cuisine restaurant at Vivanta by Taj-Connemara, has come up with a brunch [following suit from the other hotels around the city] and made it a whole family package deal. You can come with your family/friends around 11, swim/play near the pool for a couple of hours and then hop inside the restaurant for a lazy Brunch. 

The menu consisted of a blend of South Indian, Italian and Anglo-Indian cuisine, and then there was the bread selection, juices and alcohol that one could choose from.  There were two live counters by the pool- one serving up chaat while the other was for Tandoor items- Prawns and Broccoli. I quite like the Broccoli, the smoky flavour.  We were served a plate of Pani puri and bhel puri from the chaat counter, which were alright. Moving on, the bread counter had quite a variety of bread, including focaccia with herbs in it that was warm and tasted good. Not to forget the different kinds of cheese that was present.  And then there was a live salad bar- you could tell the staff what ingredients you wanted, the dressing of your choice and it was served on the table. I chose a simple salad made with Cherry tomatoes, olives, beans, broccoli with a spicy mayo dressing. Had asked for capers and artichoke, but they were missing.

Similarly, they also had a live sandwich counter that you could play around with. It had choice of meat and vegetables as well.  As you walk along the food counter, the first thing I noticed was the two soup pots- one veg and one non veg. But since I wasn’t in the mood, I skipped and went ahead to the food. I tried the Coconut rice [looked and tasted different-my taste buds were confused to say the least.. When I asked about it, the Chef came over and explained that it was Anglo Indian style coconut rice and not the traditional south Indian], there were also a few baked dishes which were quite good. As for the vegetable gravies and curries- I tried the potato roast and enna kathrikai , both of which were good. I also ordered for a plate of veg momos – it was a mixed platter- there were veg momos, mushroom momos and they were all yumm [ I am a big fan of steamed momos] …

We took a break and spent some time chatting before we decided to explore the dessert counter.   There were a range of Mousse, cakes, and caramel custard, I picked out the Blueberry cheesecake, another based dessert with fresh fig on it, apple strudel and also tried the Fig halwa. The halwa was the best of them all. I also enjoyed a spoon of the fresh cut fruits [heaven]. My friend on the other hand had taken quite a few other desserts- mango mousse, caramel custard, a chocolate dessert and a sandesh as well. We were wondering where the Live DJ was.  While we were digging into our dessert, the Manager came over with a plate that had a dessert and “Happy mothers’ day” on it. He mentioned this is what they were serving special that day. Since the friend’s wife is a new mother, we dedicated it to her. It was a Chocolate mousse sitting on a thin layer of cake, fresh strawberry pieces and a white chocolate slice on top. Just as we dug into it, a man came over and performed a few magic tricks. That added to the whole experience, and we were wowed by his tricks!! Oh and a plate of Mutton biryani was served which my friend said tasted quite good.. 

So, there you have it. The Sunday Brunch Buffet is priced at  INR 1750 all-inclusive [no alcohol]  while it is INR 1950 all-inclusive with alcohol.

Though it is not a great or very impressive spread, it works as a family outing, especially if you have kids. Summer is the perfect season to go soak up in the pool and cool off on a Sunday afternoon.

Timing: 11.30 am to 3 pm

Only on Sundays!

Vivanta by Taj-Connemara, Chennai 
No.2, Binny Road, Anna Salai, 
Chennai -600002
For more details and reservations contact 044 66000000

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  :-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ganache, the new line of desserts

You used to walk in here to grab your favorite donut and a cup of coffee before heading off to work or home. But now, the place also has something new to offer. They have introduced a line of sinful desserts. And this wing of Donut House is called "Ganache", aptly named since quite a few desserts have a Ganache element in them....  

Feast on [with your eyes until your taste buds get you off the chair onto the Donut House outlet]

 Strawberry delight - rich strawberry flavours with a nice little surprise in the center as well

Dark chocolate tart with a hint of chilli served with vanillan bean ice cream! [ I could not get enough of this, it was just divine]

The operah with a crispy tuile on top 

 Death by chocolate- chocolate a la many ways!

 Apple crumble with an interesting ice cream [shall not spoil the surprise]

Layers of heaven- chocolate treat!

Dessert in a jar- Red velvet with a twist!

Next time you get a dessert craving, you know where to head to... Donut House.. 
What is more- all desserts are eggless!
For now, these are available in Egmore, OMR, Cathedral Road and Adyar (Coming Soon)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Delhi 6 Festival at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai - 9th -18th May

What comes to your mind when I say “Delhi 6”? C’mon, lets be honest, you thought of Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor or Masakkali right?  So, now when I add the word “food” to “Delhi 6”, what comes to your mind? Hmm, I like that puzzled look. It tells me you are not very familiar with Delhi and its areas. Well, if you were someone who has been to Delhi, or is a foodie you would know that it refers to the food zone in Delhi- Chandni Chowk, the paranthe wali gulley and the region around that is famous for the chaat and other local treats. 

ITC Grand Chola has brought in their very own/renowned Chef Gunjan Goela to host the Delhi 6 festival here. It is available for Dinner only (between 7 pm to 11:30 pm) at Madras Pavilion (Dinner Buffet at INR 1700   plus applicable taxes) while at Cafe Mercara Express (Full Square Meal at INR 1050 plus applicable taxes)

I had the privilege of visiting Grand Chola and sampling some of the dishes the day before it went Live. I also got the opportunity to meet the Chef and spend some time chatting with her. What a memorable evening that was.  It was insightful, interesting and she patiently answered all my crazy questions and so much more. The menu was divided into three main sections- street food, home-style mains and sweets.

The evening began with the light Pineapple panna [a twist on the regular aam panna] subsequent to which we also had a cocktail made with Vodka and Passion fruit juice, which was quite a drink. And then came the chic looking plate of Gol Gappe [ pani puri or Paani ke Bataashe as she calls it], the puri were seated on a nice little plate while the pani was served in a little cup. It was beautiful and quite different from the pani puri we get around here in Chennai. I could have done an entire meal with just that pani puri.  Before we were done with it, the next dish was slowly making its way to our table. It was a small cup with a colourful sauce on it and a Dahi ki Ghujia hidden under it. Oh boy oh boy, was that delightful or what. Loved the flavours, the raisin, the cashew inside the Ghujia that blended perfectly well with the curd and sauces served alongside.  And then there was the humble Aloo tikki, simple subtle and melt in your mouth divine.. 

During my chat with the chef, I learnt about her association with Grand Chola, how she was instrumental in rolling out the recipes/dishes at Royal Vega and she lived in Chennai for a year or more before moving on. We chit chatted about so many things besides food, it almost felt like we were friends meeting for dinner after years.

While we chatted away, a glass of yellow coloured Thandai arrived at our table. It was so rich and filled with flavours, saffron and badam stood out.  Ah, we felt like we had died and gone to heaven. The Chef was in charge, she kept instructing the staff to bring out the dishes in a particular order and kept tasting them to make sure they were bang on. When I asked her about how long she had been making these recipes, she said it began in the morning; she had made all the 40 dishes herself.  

Back to food, next came different kind of poori- Bedani [ a kind of whole wheat puri] that was served with  Aloo methi ki sabz and a  Tarbooz aur angoor ki subzi [watermelon and grape curry]- ] which had interesting flavours and was not overpoweringfly sweet and then there was the Bhuni Arbi [dry Colocasia curry cooked with spices. We were also served a Seetafal ki sabzi [pumpkin gravy] which i loved, the unique thing about this is that the pumpkin is cooked with the skin on. Chef told us that almost all veggies are cooked with their skin on and the entire menu was onion and garlic free. 

The next in line was the  Gucchi Pulao- Yes, Gucchi, the only Gucci I know is the fashion brand so when I heard it was a plant like Mushroom I was fascinated. It was served in a claypot and was light, fluffly and simply yumm. The Gucchi [morrel] were black flattish things that had a distinct flavour which you could taste in the pulao as well. I loved it.

We were stuffed and ready to just roll over and sleep, but the Chef had something else waiting to be tried. A dessert platter- a Gulaab Jamun, Ghiya ka halwa [bottle guard halwa], Makhaane ki Kheer [Lotus seed cooked with cream and chopped up pistachio on top] and fresh fruits in cream. I loved the Makhaane ki kheer for it was like nothing I have eaten before.   

The three hours were such bliss, we were grinning away as we walked out of the restaurant towards the lobby.  This was a meal we were sure to remember for a long time to come. The friend who came along was eating those dishes and tasting the flavours for the 1st time, so he was quiet through the evening.
[Pic courtesy: Karan]

The festival is on till the 18th of May. So, if you have been craving for some Delhi ka khanna, you know where to head to~

Festival Details:
Dinner only 
Time: between 7 pm to 11:30 pm 
Madras Pavilion - Dinner Buffet at INR 1700   plus applicable taxes
Cafe Mercara Express - Full Square Meal at INR 1050 plus applicable taxes

ITC Grand Chola 
#63, Mount Road, Guindy, 
Ph- 044 2220 0000

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  :-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Food tales.. Jevvarisi kanji [Sago porridge]

We were living in Tirunelveli then and my gramma & great gramma [dad’s mom and gramma] were also with us.. It was Dec 1989 when Mom came to Chennai for her last trimester and I was in Tirunvelveli with Dad and grammas.. It was probably the 2nd time I was away from Mom, but this time I dint really miss her much. 

It was during this time that I was introduced to jevvarisi Kanji. My gramma used to make this for my great gramma and I would taste a bit everyday, till one day I told her I shall have the same for breakfast. From thereon, I was hooked. I loved the semi transparent wobbly little round thing and the sweetness of the porridge. Gramma would add very little milk to this. 

Later on, discovered you can make payasam with Jevvarisi [only diff you add lots of milk]. Even now there are days when I suddenly get a craving for this and go whip up a bowl of it and indulge. 

Few other things that I love about jevvarisi is that it is very light on the tummy and such a feel good factor. 

I enjoy making Kichidi, vadaam and Vadai as well, though the vada does seem too oily for my liking. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Foodology, Chennai

The bright orange shelves, black plates and bowl, colourful knives and cutlery is what caught my eye as I pushed open the glass doors. And then a sudden wave of chill air welcomed us followed the lady herself- Shree Periakaruppan.. 

Tucked away in the 2nd floor, Foodology is the terrace of an old house converted into a beautiful kitchen and dining area. With long counters lined with induction stoves, pans and pots in the shelf below I felt like I had been transported to one of the TV kitchens I have envied. 

A few months old, this is a space that welcomes people/groups who wish to learn to cook [certain cuisines/dishes] and then who sit together with Shree and enjoy the meal they had just prepared. I for one hadnt heard of this concept in Chennai and so was quite intrigued. Shree has lived in the US for more than a decade and is a IT gal, if you will call it that! Infact she continues to work and manage Foodology workshops over the weekend. There is a certain sense of calm about her, maybe that is why she is so good at dealing with people and getting them to work in sync. We were the brady bunch, yakking away, distracted and sometimes even cracking up. But she stood ground, stayed patient and took us through the various processes with finesse.

The evening began with a drink- the Tropical Green Colada, a drink made with mint ginger lemon juice cucumber juice and soda. Quite a refresher in a glass~! We were quite eager to move ahead to the other main dishes, the Thai soup and Green curry and ofcoruse the interesting dessert that was mentioned in the menu. For the soup, the ingredients were all laid out neatly, for the veggies [2 of us] and the non veggies] 4 of them]. Shree took us through the process, step by step, making sure we were all working in tandem, and on the same page. It was fun!! 

When it came time to move over to the stove to saute the tofu, I pulled out the pan from beneath and man, was it heavy~ Loved it. We made the Tom Kha Soup [ Thai soup with tofu, mushrooms, baby corn along with thai spices and coconut milk]. The soup was heaven, we began slurping away before moving on to the next - Thai Green Curry. 

Again, for the curry too we were given ingredients, we were introduced to all the spices being used in the Thai Curry paste- I was seeing Bamboo shoots and Galangal for the 1st time. Also got insights on where these are available in Chennai.. I have so long been buying the paste from the store, mixing it with sauteed veggies and coconut milk. But now that I know where I can source the ingredients from, I just might start making my own curry paste. More than the dish, it was fun cooking with friends,watching how each one progressed, some forgot to add ingredients while some jumped the gun.. ha ha..we had a blast. 

And finally, before we sat down for dinner, it was time to whip up the Thai Fried Pineapple dessert. It took all of 5 mins to make, but 2 mins to gobble up. Yes, it was divine... Sauteed pineapple with sprinkle of brown sugar served with cinnamon sugar and some thick yoghurt...What a delightful evening that was. 

The 2 hours we spent cooking flew away, and through dinner we yapped away some more- asking questions, clarifying doubts, learning more about Foodology and ofcourse enjoying all that we had made. 

Foodology is a place that makes Cooking FUN, and gets people excited to want to cook... The kitchen is very welcoming and her staff are always ready to help. 

Next time you are planning a small gathering or party [upto 20 kids or 15 adults] you should consider doing it in Foodology...She has even done a workshop for couples..  You never know, your little one or your "I shall never enter the kitchen" spouse might just enjoy themselves here..  

Oh and did I mention- all her cutlery, pots and pans are from Ikea... No wonder they were so good..

3A, Second Main Road,
Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020 

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  :-)