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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Smartass Matire'd

After a hot tiring day, 4 of us decided to head out to dinner to a Chinese restaurant. Two of us went ahead to reserve a table, the Maitre de asked for my name, and here is a snippet of the conversation that happened....  

I -Hi, we need a table for 4
Maitre'd- Do you have a reservation?
My friend - No, but is it necessary?
Maitre'd- No ma'am, as you can see we have plenty of tables, I shall seat you. Can I get your name and number please?
I: my name is "aarti" and my number is 122344459
Maitre'd- * writes it down and while showing us to the table says "Aarti is the name of the girl in Chetan Bhagat's 2 states" [with a big glee like he has just won the Olympic gold medal]
I: No it is not, but can we not talk about it please. 
Maitre'd guy- *shows us to a table with 4 in the center* and we chose the other one in the corner with 6 chairs..
My friend: Can we get this table?
Maitre'd guy- Yes, sure you can. You can also invite 3 others if you want 
My friend- [controlling her anger]- Our bagwatis can sit in them 
Maitre'd guy-* leaves*
The two other friends come over , and settle in. 
Maitre'd guy- *is back with the menu card to take order for Soup & Starters*
Me & a friend: Sweet corn soup- 1/2 & veg momos
The other 2 girls- Nonveg dimsums, Chicken lollypop and Chicken Manchow soup 1/2... But why does the soup have tofu and mushroom in it? Can we get it without them?
Maitre'd guy- Yes ma'am our soup comes with those two, but I can make it without them
The other 2 girls- yes please.. Dont like tofu and other one was allergic to mushrooms
Maitre'd guy-  Yes, Tofu is yuck but we do add them in the soup.  
I: umm, i disgree but dont want to go further on it... 
Maitre'd guy- Ok, will get soup without it.

Few Minutes later the Non veg dimsum arrived and then came the chicken lollypop [ in a plate that had messed up sauce in the center and a tattered carrot flower on the side].
Friend 3: *gasp* that looks like some leftovers piled on and served to us. *beckons the guy who served us*
Maitre'd guy * comes over to serve the dimsum* and then 
Friend 3: is this how the chicken lollypop is presented?
Maitre'd guy - yes ma'am 
Friend 3: Does it look neat and nice to you?
Maitre'd guy- how else do you present it?
Friend 3 *has lost it*- To put it in your own words, it look yuck. Can you please take it back and bring us a neat plate with the lollypops!
Maitre'd guy- Yes ma'am.... 

For the rest of the evening he served us silently and his hands were shaking like a leaf... we went on to finish our dinner in peace with no wisecracks from the Maitre'd guy... 

Wtf... where does he get the idea that he can use words like "yuck" and "how do you want it presented" with customers? Is this acceptable!!? Do people just sit and take it? heck, we were so cheesed off with the way he behaved..

Overall, food was average.
We had to ask repeatedly for water
Friend requested for garlic sauce which never came
In the bill, they had not only included ST, SC, vat but there was Cess, Education Cess,  Higher Education Cess... what on earth are these? And we actually dint want to pay the SC... 


  1. Hey Bhagwan!!! By the great Dragons of the White Mountain!!! Where did this take place????? I hope it is not Mainland China!!!!

  2. I have had Chefs use slangs and creative descriptions..for food , especially the ones NOT created by them.!!!. Would you have been offended if those words were used by a chef I wonder :)) ?

  3. @anonymous-- it doesnt matter who uses them, but I would have reacted the same way had it been the chef... we were all appalled and one friend in the group commented that the earlier visit began with this guy but luckily another guy took over their table and things were peaceful...

  4. @mahesh- nope, not MC, but in another chinese restaurant inside a hotel.. [only clue- near my home]


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