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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Live on Air...

Few weeks ago, I got a call from the Producer at Chennai Live 104.8 and she asked me if I would like to be a part of their series on Food Blogging. Not one to skip such an opportunity, I instantly said "Yes".  Few minutes later, she sent me a whatsapp asking for a brief on my profile and informed me that I was to be at the studio the subsequent Monday around 8 pm. It was going to be an excl show on Food Blogging hosted by RJ Tausif. And i must say, I am quite sure I landed this opportunity courtesy Chennai Food guide [& my blogging journey ofcourse] 

I had been on Air few years ago for a program on books & reading anchored by Rj Jane. I enjoyed talking and talking impromptu came easy to me. Infact, while in College I had toyed with the idea of giving Rjing a shot. 

Before I get carried away, monday morning I got a message asking me to come a little earlier to the studio and I managed to reach the place by 7pm as requested. I waited for a few minutes before I was called into the recording studio. There was RJ Tausif behind the console, Akshay beside him and Amreen who stood in on the show. 

There was also Harsha , another RJ who was there for a Live talk show [7-8pm] on "airlines" with RJ Tausif. 

Now that we had all settled in, Tausif mentioned he was literally going to be doing 2 shows at a time... The one on "Airlines" was a live show, while he was going to record mine as he had another appointment between 8--9pm. I was ok with that! 

It was now time to get started... he would mention the topic for each segment and then we would record the same. It went on for a good hour, juggling between the shows and lot of laughter as well [ I shall not go into details, let us just say I had a whale of a time...] 

And it so happened that my 1st segment did not get recorded correctly and so we actually did that LIVE ON AIR @ 8pm... 

It was damn cool talking about food, my blogging journey-- from the very 1st blog on Mahamudra to the latest, and of my passion for cooking, funny incidents etc etc... 

So, if you are having a boring day and need some entertainment, you can listen to my show here --

Monday, February 23, 2015

Flavours of Bangkok -II- Street food

We had just stepped out of Wat Pho and were quite hungry.. We walked around the place trying to find a cafe or a eating joint, and finally spotted a row of street vendors and decided to give them a shot. 

The 1st guy was selling non veg, my friend chose what looked closest to Chicken and picked up a skewer with freshly grilled chicken. She ate it, but was quite sceptical about what it was.. Asked me to click a picture so she could ask someone.. lol.. The reason for her fear- most meat sold here was pork and she dint eat pork.. Told her it dint matter cos she was eating it out of sheer hunger.. 

Moving along, I spotted a guy standing near a big pan that small dips in them, almost like our Kuzhipaniyaram/appam pans.. I then saw him break an egg into each of these and cook them for a few minutes, before plating them up. Instantly I told him I wanted a plate.. A minute later he picked up a handful of eggs and repeated the process, which is when I discovered these were quail eggs.. They were quite good- crisp at the bottom and gooey on top- with a sprinkle of salt & pepper. 

And finally we grabbed a potato twirl /Twistato [it is basically an entire potato peeled onto a wooden stick, deep friend with masala- had it 1st time in Bangalore and this was the 2nd time I saw it] 

All the above was priced between 20-40 baht, served piping hot and were perfect after our long walk around Wat Pho. 

We also spotted quite a few other stalls, some selling fresh fruit juices, while others had elaborate meat dishes and then there were few stocked with a wide variety of mushrooms [which would become soup come evening] 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chennai Food Guide celebrates 10th Anniversary on 28th Feb

The other day two of my friends came home, and within minutes the family was curious as to how I knew them. 

While one of them is my age, the other is much older. 
We did not go to school together
We did not work together
We did not do any course
Heck, we dint know each other till 3yrs ago!

Yes, that is true and today we are thicker than friends, almost family.. We hang out at each others’ homes, we cook, we meet, we are there for each other come what may and we are just such awesome friends.. 

So, how do I know them? Through this lovely forum called Chennai Food Guide..
I don’t even remember when I joined the group, but it has been phenomenal to say the least.  I know I am using a lot of adjectives and superlatives, but it is not just for jazz, I mean every one of them. 

I did have quite a few friends, but through this forum I have connected with some very talented people, people from various walks of life and some who have changed my life for the better as well. 

What is Chennai Food guide? 
It is a forum where you can talk about anything to do with food - recipes, restaurant reviews, food related articles, jokes, quips, good/bad experiences and share news on food from across the world as well. 

How many members are there today?
*Hold your breath..* we are at nearly 40,000 members today and growing… 

When is the anniversary?
Yayy! Our 10th anniversary celebrations are scheduled for 28th Feb and it is happening at The Westin, Velachery [ near Phoenix market city] 

What time?
The evening kicks off at 6.45pm.. There is a blogger development session & networking opportunities prior to the main event. And then there is entertainment, an opportunity to meet some renowned Chefs, rib tickling comedy session and of course yumm food as well….

Bloggers Development Initiative

Date: 28 Feb 2015 from 5:45 to 6:30 PM
Venu: The Westin, Chennai. 

Free Event - prior registration is a must (please email Sub: Registration for Networking Event.

This first of its kind and possibly the largest congregation on food networking event in Chennai is for like minded food/ recipe bloggers, Hoteliers, Chefs, F&B Professionals, Home Bakers/ Chefs and others with interest in realm of Food. This program aims to create a congenial and transparent eco system for both: the social media professionals and F&B business to interact well and bring about responsible and qualitative product/ service offering. Chennai Food Guide proposes to pledge considerable resource to conduct classes on writing skill enhancement on food, development of food photography skills, technology in Social Media and leading trends and tools to bloggers, exploration of new Cuisines & Basics of Cuisine Arts & Science with the help of supporting F&B businesses. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Rooftop Alfresco, Taj Club House, Chennai

Sitting in comfy chairs under the beautiful night sky, the swimming pool shimmers nearby, there is live music wafting in the air .. "Ma'am, can I serve the wine?" a question that suddenly snaps you out of the dream you were floating in...Ah, what a lovely evening it is turning out to be!

Where was I? I was sitting in the rooftop at Taj Club House enjoying their Rooftop Alfresco evenings! The perfect way to unwind after a crazy/long/busy day with a few close friends before you wind up for the day. Or you could indulge in some spa treatment before grabbing a bite a eat before you head home. Who thought you could experience such joy right here in Chennai? The hotel has come u with a simple yet elaborate menu ranging from mezzo platter to pizzas and the Istanbul burger down to the key lime pie and so much more, all of which is accompanied by a drink of your choice and some live music daily from 5pm to 11pm. 

Oh and for those who enjoy the Hookah, it is back and they have it in a wide range of flavours.  We opened the evening with the mezzo platter- the yummy hummus, Tabbouleh Salad, spanakopita and a falafel accompanied by fresh pita bread. While I went ahead and ordered a glass of white wine, friends opted for an orange based mocktail. Following this, I dug into the Ricotta Gnudis [ it was fun pronouncing the dish name.. lol] which was a few deep fried ricotta fingers served atop a portion of mushrooms cooked in creamy sauce- it was sinful.. 

The guys sampled the Flamed prawns, which going by their clean plates was good. We also managed to try the wraps- mine had a strong pesto flavour which I loved, not to forget the fresh rocket leaves salad and a small portion of fries. We were stuffed but wait, the pizza was coming, mine had quite a medley of veggies and was quite different from the others I have had. 

How ca a meal be complete without a dessert, right? Yes, so along came a portion of Key Lime pie... Ah perfect ending to a relaxed evening. We were happy sitting there yapping away and would have spent the entire night there ... if only!! 

All this is open from Feb 7th, so next time you are done wit a meeting and want an early dinner or looking for a place to unwind, you should consider The Rooftop at Taj Club House..

Price for 2 is Rs 900-1000 approx. [ excl alcohol]

Taj Club House
No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002
044 6631 3131