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Monday, February 2, 2015

Rooftop Alfresco, Taj Club House, Chennai

Sitting in comfy chairs under the beautiful night sky, the swimming pool shimmers nearby, there is live music wafting in the air .. "Ma'am, can I serve the wine?" a question that suddenly snaps you out of the dream you were floating in...Ah, what a lovely evening it is turning out to be!

Where was I? I was sitting in the rooftop at Taj Club House enjoying their Rooftop Alfresco evenings! The perfect way to unwind after a crazy/long/busy day with a few close friends before you wind up for the day. Or you could indulge in some spa treatment before grabbing a bite a eat before you head home. Who thought you could experience such joy right here in Chennai? The hotel has come u with a simple yet elaborate menu ranging from mezzo platter to pizzas and the Istanbul burger down to the key lime pie and so much more, all of which is accompanied by a drink of your choice and some live music daily from 5pm to 11pm. 

Oh and for those who enjoy the Hookah, it is back and they have it in a wide range of flavours.  We opened the evening with the mezzo platter- the yummy hummus, Tabbouleh Salad, spanakopita and a falafel accompanied by fresh pita bread. While I went ahead and ordered a glass of white wine, friends opted for an orange based mocktail. Following this, I dug into the Ricotta Gnudis [ it was fun pronouncing the dish name.. lol] which was a few deep fried ricotta fingers served atop a portion of mushrooms cooked in creamy sauce- it was sinful.. 

The guys sampled the Flamed prawns, which going by their clean plates was good. We also managed to try the wraps- mine had a strong pesto flavour which I loved, not to forget the fresh rocket leaves salad and a small portion of fries. We were stuffed but wait, the pizza was coming, mine had quite a medley of veggies and was quite different from the others I have had. 

How ca a meal be complete without a dessert, right? Yes, so along came a portion of Key Lime pie... Ah perfect ending to a relaxed evening. We were happy sitting there yapping away and would have spent the entire night there ... if only!! 

All this is open from Feb 7th, so next time you are done wit a meeting and want an early dinner or looking for a place to unwind, you should consider The Rooftop at Taj Club House..

Price for 2 is Rs 900-1000 approx. [ excl alcohol]

Taj Club House
No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002
044 6631 3131


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