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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ganache, the new line of desserts

You used to walk in here to grab your favorite donut and a cup of coffee before heading off to work or home. But now, the place also has something new to offer. They have introduced a line of sinful desserts. And this wing of Donut House is called "Ganache", aptly named since quite a few desserts have a Ganache element in them....  

Feast on [with your eyes until your taste buds get you off the chair onto the Donut House outlet]

 Strawberry delight - rich strawberry flavours with a nice little surprise in the center as well

Dark chocolate tart with a hint of chilli served with vanillan bean ice cream! [ I could not get enough of this, it was just divine]

The operah with a crispy tuile on top 

 Death by chocolate- chocolate a la many ways!

 Apple crumble with an interesting ice cream [shall not spoil the surprise]

Layers of heaven- chocolate treat!

Dessert in a jar- Red velvet with a twist!

Next time you get a dessert craving, you know where to head to... Donut House.. 
What is more- all desserts are eggless!
For now, these are available in Egmore, OMR, Cathedral Road and Adyar (Coming Soon)

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