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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Strawberry smoothie

Bells were going off in my Tummy as it was breakfast time and i had completely forgotten to make Oats or Porridge in the morning frenzy.. Did what i do under such circumstances. Open the fridge, stand in front of it as if a light bulb will burst in my head and ideas will flow.. 

Well, lucky me! I did spot just what i wanted and voila, breakfast was ready in a jiffy... My eyes fell on a box of strawberries with a few left huddled up in a corner and a small tub of beaten curd.. Grabbed the ice cube tray and headed for the kitchen... 

Strawberry smoothie in a jiffy i call it.. :-) 

There was enough for the 3 of us, Grandparents slurped it up, and have since then been asking me how i made it, what was the secret to the richness and creaminess... 

Strawberries - 3 per person 
Curd or yoghurt- 2 tbsp per person
Ice cubes- 2-3 per person
Sugar/Honey- optional

Take the mixer, put in all the ingredients and run the mixie for a few minutes till all blend together well. 
Add sugar/honey if you want.. It is nice as it is..

Clean the strawberries, remove the leaves on the top 
Beat the curd a bit
Break the ice cubes if possible into smaller chunks for easier/faster processing

Pour into a glass and Enjoy!! 

You can make smoothies with bananas, figs, mango, and just about any other fruit you can think of!! Just avoid Pineapples :D

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