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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Senses, Chennai

We walked in towards the lift in this new swanky restaurant 5 Senses on Khader nawaz khan road... A we entered the roof top, we were pleasantly surprised at the spacious interiors and exterior seating and of course the decor. The walls had posters from Hollywood classics. As i admired them, the waiter brought what looked like a huge diary, but which was actually their menu card, rather quite a large menu book. Flipped through the pages, tried to make sense of all that was written under each category and finally gave up.. but the information about the various towns, cuisines present was very interesting.. Wish they gave us a book to take home to read in leisure!!

We ordered a Tapas, that had about 5 little starters, 3 veg and 2 non veg.. They were each sinful and packed with flavour. And then for soup, i ordered a Broccoli soup, which the waiter served in a rather unique fashion. The bowl came with a little cake in the center around which green thick soup was poured. The center was infact a broccoli mouse cake. It was good.. very light!! A friend ordered Mushroom soup that was served with a long slice of toasted bread on a wooden platter, quite funky... The others passed up on soup and went ahead with the main course. 

Between us, we ordered a Chicken & Basil pizza[ Senor P added every possible seasoning on it and we managed to get a clear shot of that, but the whole pizza looked divine and the crunchy basil on top was delicious], a chicken salad, I ordered a dish that was an assortment of smoked vegetables, and finally there was the Mousakka... If one could satiate their hunger with just the appearance of the dishes, we would be full to our ears,  then this is where you should head... however, if you are a group of people and try to share the dish, you might feel the portions are too little... The Restaurant prides itself in being a Fine Dining, and so prices are high and portions are lesser than what you are normally used to...

Food did taste good, but apart from the pizza, the portions were fairly ok... Between us, we finished one and a half bottles of wine as well. And did order up a few Apple martinis that another friend had recommended...

Oh, and we werent done yet... We wanted to go all the way and have ourselves one hearty meal. For dessert, we just stuck to Chocolate Canaloni, that was served on a long white plate with a few slices of orange on one side, and two rolls, one hazelnut flavoured and other dark chocolate with rich cholocate filling on the inside.. It was to die for... divine!!  

Good conversation, amazing company and good food, all that made the evening quite a memorable one!We were on a high and so the night will remain a fun experience...

Ambiance 9/10
Food 7/10
Service 9/10
Price 6/10

Oyster, No. 9, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam , Chennai -34
Just after Casa Picola... 
Phone: 044 -30062010, 30062020, 30062030


  1. Hey.. have been there twice.. Love the food and it's a bit pricey.. The last time when I went, the service was not up to the mark.. The manager did tell me it would not be repeated.. I would love to go back and try the place

  2. Hi Aarti! Thank you for your good review. Our food may come across as a bit pricey because all our ingredients, meat especially, are imported from across the globe. However, we are glad you had a great you had a great experience here and we look forward to having you back!

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  4. @Priya- Yep, loved the food!! :) will def go back

  5. @bhargavi= Thanks for writing in... yes, do agree on the products and ingredients being top notch, just felt it was pricey :)

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