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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rajdhani, Express Avenue, Chennai

The 1st time i visited this restaurant was on the day of the launch. Was at EA with 2 friends and we hopped in for dinner!! It was divine.... I enjoyed the food but felt i couldnt do justice to the number of dishes served...

The 2nd time i took my grandparents & parents here for lunch and watching them devour the food, savouring every bite was worth the visit...

3rd time, yes i've been here numerous times which shows how much i enjoy the food.. this time it was my Bday dinner with close friends... :)

And the 4th & most recent visit was on 1st Jan with entire family, we were about 10 of us. I called ahead to make a reservation, but the man who answered politely told me they dont take bookings and that waiting time is only about 5-10mins...

 The food is a fixed thali menu, one that changes everyday and is served as many times as you like.. Yes, it is unlimited. As soon as you walk towards the hotel, you can see the number of people waiting outside.. but trust me when i say the wait is no more than 10mins, no matter how big a group you are... If you notice, on the window is a shelf with a Thali displaying the Menu for the day!! :)

From the minute you are seated to the signing on the bill, it is all done so seemlessly, i was amazed the 1st time i saw the whole process unfold.. The waiters are not yelling to each other, there is no talking, heck, no calling out to others. Each one is assigned to a particular dish and they keep bringing it around. If you tell them you want a particular dish, all they do is signal in the air and within seconds you are served. From the Dhokla, Corn kachori to Kichidi, side dishes, everything is piping hot. I love their Daal, Gatte ki sabzi, rotis, mithai, and well everything else in between as well. The food is not only filling, but also light and filled with flavour....

Oh, not to forget, the thali comes at a very affordable price.. Around Rs350 per person, incl Tax!

Ambiance -4/5
Service -4.5/5
Price- 4/5
Overall Rating -4.5/5

Express Avenue Mall, 3rd Floor- End of Food court on right, 
Whites Road, Royapettah , 
Chennai- 600014
Phone:  (044) 28464422 , (044) 28464433


  1. I have been to this place couple of times. I like the food and service here but there is so much food :D... I've enjoyed myself here :)

  2. A neat review. Have added it to my to-try list.

    Long time! How have you been? How is the new year treating you? Is Kajal in FB?


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