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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kryptos by Willi

L-R: salad bar, the long table, the menu, pasta salad and bowl of pitted olives

The last time i was here, the earth shook. No, i am not exaggerating, it was the day we felt the strong tremors in Chennai and pretty much across the country [the quake that occrured in Indonesia]. There we were, a whole bunch of us enjoying a relaxed lunch when i felt the tremor, told those around me who mocked and cracked, but dint believe a word i said , till we walked out and saw the entire city out on the streets..  

And here i was again, at Kryptos by Willi, this time for dinner with another group of lovely friends. Oh yes, the highlight was i finally got to sit at the majestic granite table representing the Greek community concept.

After the initial smiles, Hi, Hello, Hey, long time no see, i got comfortable and before i knew it, time had flown by, the watch showed me 10.00 and this Cindrella had to head home :-)

The menu was new, the menu card, rather book was new, and the surprise was it had all the items on the menu in English and Tamil. Vipin said they are redoing all their menu cards to have both languages and it has been a hit with the customers. I can think of a few who'll be kicked to see tamil names at such restaurants.

The different dips on the table  and the 3 salad dressings[bottom left]

We opened the dinner with a drink, and then the food kept coming, conversation kept flowing, we spoke about everything from the power situation in the city, to the restaurant scene to Frisbee and even Roof top film festival [RTFF]. Of the 15 on the table, there were a few who were hard core foodies, there were the few who were hooked on their cameras, letting the others patiently wait with empty plates before they could sample the delightful looking dishes and there were some who were meat-o-maniacs who actually relished the veg salad and dishes..

Kryptos has quite a Salad spread, which is all veg and quite a treat for the eye and the tummy. Colours catch your eye as you walk down the salad bar, with plates heaped with vegetables, dips (Hummus, Tzatziki) different kinds of olives, and a tasty simple sandwich [zucchini, lettuce, colour capsicums and even aubergine (yes, brinjal,. but it sounds better and exotic when i say it otherwise, right?). Oops, there were also different kinds of cheeses- Mozerella, Feta and few more.  This salad bar is a meal on its own- yes, you read it right and if you dont believe me, go on head over to Kryptos and give it a try!!

L to R- Piperies gemistes,  Pilaf, Jacket potatoes and Mashed potatoes

No sooner had we sat down to enjoy our salads, the staff brought forth a few vegetarian and non vegetarian starters. The table was long, and there were so many of us that there were pockets of conversation happening from one end to the other. The beautiful thing about our group is we connect with each other so well that there are no awkward silences or pauses, wondering what to talk about, and i was meeting a few for the 1st time, but it was chilled out as always. Vipin & his wife Somna joined us along with few others from their team, adding to the evening's charm. 

L- Beef meatballs in tomato sauce & R- Kolios sto fourno [ oven baked mackerel]

Ok, back to food.. like the curtain at a live performance, we noticed dishes appearing slowly, teasing our senses one by one. I saw a bowl of mashed potato appear, following which a plate of Jacket potatos [three giant potatos sitting snug in aluminium foils]. And a plate with a black terracota pot landed in front of me, and i had to see what was inside, it was mackarel [fish]. I did notice the guys devoured the plates of Chicken and beef within minutes asking for refills.. :-)  Vipin & Somna made sure there was not an empty plate on the table and gave us free reign.. yes, that is how amazing they are!

Wait, am not done... We havent even hit the main dishes yet- there was the bowl of hot Pilaf [rice with a tinge of garlic flavour], coloured capsicum stuffed with rice and pine nuts in a tomato sauce [ believe me when i say the rice and capsicum complimented each other beautifully, it was subtle, no sttrong flavours and simple], and aubergine baked dish. Hmm, have i left anything out? I cant remember...

L to R:  Tiropitakia is the phyllo pastries with savoury cheese filling, Papoutsakia [Eggplant /aubergine halves with a mix of onion,garlic and tomoato topped with white sauce and cheese], non veg mezze platter and Gemista [vegetable patties]

Almost done, but but we were all looking forward to the dessert. It was the infamous Baklava and Moist Chocolate pie, i personally prefer the Baklava over the chocolate [not really a chocolate person you see].... Phew, what an evening it had been. While many ordered coffee and tea, i declined the offer knowing i shall get my caffeine kick around midnight before calling it a day.

Baklava and Moist chocolate Pie

Bidding adieu to all,  i left the restaurant with the voices floating in the air. 

Food- 9/10
Ambience- 9/10
Service- 9.5/10
Price- A meal for 2 covering 3 courses will run a bill of about Rs1200 - Rs1300

#24, Khader nawaz khan road
Chennai- 600006
Ph: 044 4503 8001
Its at the basement in the same building as Atmosphere, opp where Mocha used to be.


  1. Menu card in Tamil.. I like that!!!!
    the photos are awesome and the spread looks great.. the last time i went to kryptos i dont rem a spread like that...looks like a lot of improvement - deepti

  2. nice collages. You should add a watermark to your images , else they might be misused.


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