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Friday, March 15, 2013

Make me a Master Cook with Shazia Khan

Friday night around 8pm, or was it 9pm? I forgot. All I remember was getting a message from Manju Madhu saying "Congratulations, you have won..  want to take up Masterchef workshop". I did ask her my other prize options, but then decided to take this workshop ticket up, esp since my gal pals were going to be there! I knew of this event for weeks, or maybe a month earlier cos a dear friend Tasneem Akbari of Konceptz Galore was part of the duo that had conceptualised and brought the show to town.   Who was the other? Maaria Kulsum of Adoniya fame!! 

Honestly, even though I do enjoy cooking, a workshop wasn't really my thing. I get bored, distracted or tune out and start cracking up [which I anyways do]. And since I was unsure of my plans, I dint pick up a ticket. When a Facebook contest was on, I participated and who would have thought, I won a ticket to the workshop!! 

Cottage Cheese-semolina cake with grilled pimento topping

Bocconcini Cheese [ buffalo Mozerella] 

 Grilled Zucchini cups

Burmese Veg khow suey

There was one more dish, cant find the picture though- Red bean bites with methi cream sauce  & spicy pineapple salsa...

The beautiful light fixture I could not resist clicking

Shahi tukda with caramel sauce and fresh figs 

Half a day spent in the company of good friends
Watching a Master Chef Runner up cook 
A video cameraman who refused to oblige
Hunger pangs building up with every minute... 

I sat there, watching, nodding, wondering
Clicking, observing and drooling
did i mention wondering?
yes, when lunch would be served

Saturday morning with friends
and the evening i knew 
was gonna be fun
for it was going to be in the company of more friends... 

Kudos to the team for a gala event... Next time, just give me a ping if there is a contest going on
Am itching to win some more!! ;o) 

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