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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Colorful Salad

So I was in one of those weird moods today, and that is all I needed to whip up this salad. I opened the fridge, stood in front of it, till it started beeping. Pulled out a few items and off I went to the kitchen [yes, at grandparents house, the fridge is not in the kitchen]  This is what I whipped up..

What I found- 

Purple cabbage- 1 small 
Lettuce- few leaves
Walnuts- a handful
Paneer - dunno when it had been bought but looked pretty beat
Herbs- a bottle of mixed herbs
Olives- green pitted olives
Pesto- plain pesto sauce
Honey- 1 tbsp
Olive oil- 1 tsp
Salt & Black pepper- a pinch

Other vegetables [par boiled beans esp]
Crushed garlic
Boiled pasta

What did I do?
Take a large bowl - add oil, walnuts, salt, black pepper, honey, pesto sauce and mix them well
Now, to this add the chopped up purple cabbage, ripped up lettuce leaves, crumbled paneer pieces, olives and toss
Sprinkle the herbs and toss
Taste and add seasoning/spice depending on your preference.

It was absolutely yummy. So fresh, crunchy and delightful. 

Health facts :

Purple cabbage, more commonly known as red cabbage, is a colorful variety from the brassica family. Purple cabbage has a relatively high ratio of nutrients and vitamins to calories and fat, which makes it an ideal choice for dieters. It is common in salads, coleslaw, braised dishes and pickled treats.

The vitamin and mineral content of raw purple cabbage is the most significant reason to consume this vegetable. A single serving of raw purple cabbage contains about 20 percent of your DRI for vitamin A, at 993 international units. It also contains around 80 percent of your DRI for vitamin C at 50.7 IU per 1-cup serving. Other vitamins and minerals in a 1-cup serving include notable levels of folate and vitamin K; 40 milligrams of calcium; 14 milligrams of magnesium; and 216 milligrams of potassium.

Cabbage is a great store of vitamin C and vitamin K. The rich deep colour of this vegetable is due to a high concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols (strong dietary antioxidants, possessing anti-inflammatory properties), making it have even more phytonutrients than a green cabbage. A few studies also show that anthocyanins may help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. It is rich in anti-oxidants which makes skin supple and clear.

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