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Thursday, October 3, 2013

{Recipe} Broccoli Soup

I could hear granpa yelling from the dining room, he had sat down near the fridge to sort through the stuff gramma and mom had bought. All I heard was "there is so much broccoli and you have bought some more... what are you going to do, they will all die and go to waste".. Gramma replied "No, dont worry, we will make something, I shall send some to mala[my mom]"... He mumbled some more and gave up! Then he came over to my room and repeated it all.. I went up to gramma and told her "Let us make broccoli soup today evening, what say?" and she agreed..

And this happened about 6 months ago... subsequent which granpa fell ill and now he cant eat most of the "green" veggies.. :/

1 tbsp olive oil
2 cups broccoli florets
1 garlic clove, peeled and chopped
salt and blackpepper [coarsely ground]
Cream, to use when serving
Walnuts or almonds- sliced/chopped up

The process:
1. In a pan, add some water and put the broccoli florets to cook. Dont let them get mushy, take them off before that stage. Maybe 10mins
2. In a pan add the oil, and saute the garlic wee bit [burnt garlic also tastes yumm in this soup], at this stage also add the nuts and let them roast for a few seconds
3. Puree the broccoli, I like to keep aside a few small pieces to add at the end.
4. Pour the puree into the pan and bring to boil
5. Add salt and pepper and drizzle some cream on top as you serve.

You can sprinkle some Italian herbs when you serve the soup
You can also add a few pieces of fried bread[croutons]
The same recipe works for cauliflower as well, but again watch the veggie and don't let it cook all the way through
You can add potatoes, carrots, or any other veggie to add volume.
Add water if you like the soup to be light

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