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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Rice bowlz, KFC

Sunday morning, I was done with the movie and was wandering around the mall with a friend when he said he was hungry. I suggested we go to the food court or head out somewhere. But since he had a train to catch in a few hours, he said "let's just check what is here". So, we went back upstairs and were just about to hop on the escalator to reach the food court when he turned and walked into the KFC outlet [on the same floor as INOX]

He called me inside and pointed to the Rice bowlz on the menu and said they were good, proceeding to ask if I wanted one as well. Since I was planning on getting home to do a soup & salad lunch, I passed up on this opportunity.  He went ahead, bought a Veg rice bowlz and we got out of there homebound. 

[Image courtesy: KFC]

Seeing the black container, I remarked "How is that going to be enough for lunch?" and he said "it will hold for a few hours, shall pick up something on the train if am hungry". 

The Rice bowlz had a good portion of rice, gravy at the bottom and 2 fried veg fingers on top. I did get a taste and it was quite good, not the overpowering chemical taste I was half expecting. Priced at Rs 69, it is good value for money.  For an extra Rs 25 you get a bowl of extra gravy. 

And wiping the bowl clean, my friend sat back with a grin on his face while I went ahead to chop veggies for my soup and salad. !! 

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