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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Food Tales... Milk and comfort

The minute someone mentions the dish "paal satham [milk rice]", my mind instantly looks around to see who is unwell. That is the dish i associate with fever and body ache. Why? Cos all through my growing years I have seen mom and gramma and others serve up this dish whenever someone was unwell. A plate with hot rice, hot milk and some sugar on it. 
And similarly, there is the bread paal [bread in milk] which is also something you eat when you are unwell. A few slices of bread in hot milk with some sugar on it. Today, whenever I am down with a bad cold or fever, this is what I reach out to. I dont know if it helps me, cures the fever or just something comforting during the situation.

Any such foods you have? Do share... 


  1. Mushy rice with some rasam does some wonders :) Also, my mom makes this mushy jeera kanji with a pinch of turmeric. It's so soothing and comforting, the feeling is unexplainable.

  2. Punar baga kanji is the makes it with left over rice and gives with uppu narthanga for fever...also thippili rasam with sutta appalam..this is my remedy for my darling other half when he is unwell


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