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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bombay Brasserie, College Road

We had just walked out of the movie and were hungry, well, it was nearly 1pm. Since we were not fond of any of the outlets in the Mall, and it being a Sunday, the whole world and sundry had landed there, we decided to get out and go somewhere else. Our usual haunt is no more, and most of the other places we had frequented way too many times. That is when a bell went off in my head and I asked A if maybe we should check out Bombay Brasserie in College Road. Friends had been there few days ago and gave a mixed bag of opinion.  I opened Google, found the address and we hailed an auto the place. 

It is located near Marina restaurant on College road, on the right side. As you walk in through the gate, you see an glass room with seating [quite beautiful, would be ideal on a warm lazy day with friends] and then we entered the doors to find another seating area inside as well. The place had citrus green  on the walls, and the furniture were all deep wood while the cushions and sofa had beautiful mix of turquoise and green. There were a few cabinets and curio pieces that caught our eye, they did stand out. Oh and did I mention this place is yet another feather in Mr Mahadevan's hat [ Oriental cuisines fame]... [read about the place here- link]

After we were shown to a table, near the open kitchen, a waiter came over and offered the menu card. We spent a good few minutes going "Hmmm, oooh, aaah, nice, wow, cool, sounds yumm, like the look of it" we ordered the Nariyal aur Sabzi shorba which was quite creamy yet light. It was served up in big bowls that had "SOUP" written on them. The salt and pepper shakers resembled the weights used by your local veg vendors. 

The menu was filled with dishes that are from various streets of our country, Delhi to the Konkan coast, Lucknow to the North West frontiers, and much more. There are roti varieties, rice, vegetable starters, non veg dishes, and desserts that blew us away. The dishes were all fairly simple, low on masala and high on flavours, which is what makes them stand out!! 

We had the Tandoor Gobi starter and for main, I chose the Chur Chur paratha [ it was crisp and had a sprinkling of chilli powder] while my friend chose Rumali Roti that came in a small paper bag. To go with the rotis, we ordered a Kaali Dal [ dal Makhani] and Bhindy sabzi, both of which had distinct flavours. And to finish off the meal, we ordered two quite different desserts. One was the Paper baked Chocolate pudding [ there was a molten lava cake of sorts in a paper parcel and it was served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce]. I went the traditional route and ordered the Amritsari Kulfa [ Kulfi served on a bed of badam phirni and topped with falooda with a sprinkle of rose syrup]- I loved it, just wish they hadnt used the rose syrup [not a big fan]  

The entire meal worked out to about Rs1400 odd.. Infact, there was quite a bit of the side dishes left that we decided to take them home!! Overall, quite a memorable experience.. 

Bombay Brasserie
#3, College Lane, 
Nungambakkam, Chennai- 84
Ph- 044 42100709

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