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Friday, July 11, 2014

Food Tales - The tale of the idli

After a brief hiatus, am back with more tales... Few days ago, had been invited by friends for breakfast and she had made both idli and dosa. Plates were laid out, the table was set and she began serving us. She placed a dosa and 2 idlis on all the plates. I quietly went around the table, picked up a plate and removed one idli and went about eating the rest with the yumm chutney she had made. There was also the spicy milagai podi that was crunchy and delicious.. Just as we were all done with the 1st round, she opened both the containers and offered us idli or dosa. I automatically reached out for the dosa while few others went for the idli.

That was when she remarked " oh I forgot you are not too fond of idlis".. I smiled and said its alright, am not that fussy when am out...

But yes, truth is idlis are not my favorite, I go for them only if nothing else is available or if there is a yumm chutney/sambar to go with it. I also prefer idli when am travelling as it is safe to eat the hot steamed idlis.

I have this other best friend... she has a good laugh everytime I visit them, for she makes idlis often as her kidss love it and then she watches me push every bite down with a plunger and a semi frown on my face. She laughs as she mutters "may you find a guy who demands idlis every day" and my retort would be "I shall send him to you, you can feed him, stuff him and send him back"

I have no clues as to when this love-hate affair with idli began but it has been with me for as long as I can remember...  there have been days when I forego breakfast cos it is the boring idli and other times when it stares me in the face as if to say "I dare you"

Is there any dish/item/ingredient that you love to hate?

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