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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wine & Cheese at Park Hyatt, Chennai

For years now I have been hearing about how wonderful Wine & Cheese combination is. But I am quite clueless on what wine is good with what cheese and why. So when Park Hyatt announced a Wine & Cheese festival, I had to attend it, if only to quench my curiosity. 

I reached the hotel around 7 and waited a good hour for the other bloggers to arrive and for the restaurant to get ready with their set... We were then welcomed into The Dining Room in the lobby level where the festival was happening. 

There in the corner of the restaurant was a table set up with quite a few varieties of cheese. Besides this on another table were bread, olives, mustard and few other varieties of bread. And then as you turned around, was a bucket with ice and quite a few White wine bottles which were accompanied by a few Red wine bottles outside the bucket. This is another thing that leaves me puzzled- why is White wine chilled while Red is served at room temperature? I am still clueless about this.. 

I got to interact with Alessandro from Italy, a wine connoiseur who spoke about how the Tuscany region he hailed from was popular for Wine. He wore a thick chain of sorts with a flat cup at the end. He mentioned it was for wine tasting and that he never ate a thing or drank a drop of any liquid when working. He spoke in length about wine, which wine goes with which cheese, but then all this just vanished into thin air in a few minutes and I was just happy to be tasting so many varieties of cheese and sipping on different kinds of wine as well. 

It was one fun evening, I would love to learn more about wine and cheese.. Hopefully soon!!

Park Hyatt
#39, Velachery Main Road, 
Chennai- 600032 
Ph:- 044 7177 1234

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