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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ciclo Cafe, Chennai

While driving by Kotturpuram high road, I spotted this new place on the right side. Decided to check it out on my way back and all I managed to catch was the name and the sign board that resembled that of L’amandier. On digging around, I came to know it is a cafe launched by TI cycles. 

“Ciclo" means cycles in Spanish & Italian. Since both these countries have a rich cycling culture and there are quite a few small eateries associated with cycles, inspiration was drawn from that and Ciclo cafe got its name. TI Cycles has partnered with Absolute Speciality, the same company that handles L’amandier cafe to manage food here at Ciclo Cafe.   

Time went by and one Saturday, a friend suggested we go check out the place. we landed there around 11am and were shown to our table upstairs. Along the way, I noticed there was a clock on the wall in the shape of a cycle wheel, and then there were light fittings made with wheels, along with a full cycle on a window. the seating areas are split between the rooms, and the sofas are fairly colourful and comfortable as well. 

On one side of the room is the kitchen and the along the corridor is a spot for the coffee machine. 

We made ourselves comfortable and spent a few minutes going through the menu [that resembled a newspaper]. We ordered a sandwich with grilled vegetables while my friend ordered a crossanwich [ sandwich made with a croissant] along with a cappuccino with a side of fries. 

Our order arrived promptly within 10mins and we devoured them leisurely. The sandwiches were fairly large portions, the fries were hot & umm, served in a small cycle rickshaw of sorts. The place slowly filled up, we also noticed a large group arrive and occupy the table near ours [ under the lights with cycle wheels on them]. Skipping the desserts, we asked for the bill only to be pleasantly surprised. It was quite reasonable, about 700 odd bucks for the 2 of us. 

Walking downstairs, we spent a few minutes oggling at the range of bikes displayed before stepping out. 

Ciclo Cafe
No. 33/47, Gandhi Mandapam Road Kotturpuram
Phone - +91 44 4204 8666
Timings - 11 AM to 11 PM

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