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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fusilli Reasons, Kilpauk,Chennai

It was one of those evenings when I was in a blah mode... Friends were busy messaging and talking about meeting,and finally after much ado, we decided to meet around 8.30 at Fusilli Reasons.. Now, I knew the place was good cos these guys have been raving about it, just hadn't visited yet.. 

I walked to Ormes road from home, took me about 15mins and found it tucked inside a lane just after Murugan Idli... It was a small place, I mean small- literally.. It could hold about 10 people, beyond which will get stuffy!

The guys were already there, so i grabbed a chair and looked around. Their menu was small which worked well.. We ordered two plates of Garlic bread- one with regular mayo while the other was with beetroot mayo- damn that was good.. 

We also tried their orange juice, came in a small glass bottle with a plastic cap- very neat and cool. Reminded me of the juices I had in Bangkok- fresh and yummy.. 

Apart from this, we went ahead and ordered Nachos, and two kinds of pasta- cream sauce & pesto.. The portion size is something I should mention- just perfect for one! And pesto pasta was awesome- I loved it... They are all served in palm leaf plates and came with disposable forks, spoons... Only downside is they have just brownies for desserts [ this is for those who need something sweet to end the meal]  

And for those of you who havent got it, the name is a word play on ‘few silly reasons’... Actually you don't need a reason to visit this place! 
Prices: 60Rs for Garlic bread, 80Rs for Nachos, 30Rs Iced Tea and 80Rs Pasta... Total value for money if you ask me! 

An article in The Hindu about the place

    Address: 1/9,Dr Vasudevan Road,Ormes Road,Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010
    Phone:099626 31631

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