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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

M'Bessy in Hotel Esthell, Adyar

M’BESSY, the all new Continental Resto-Bar was launched at Hotel Esthell, Adyar by  Mr. Dinesh Raj & Partners this Saturday,  9.00 pm , 26th December 2015.

M’BESSY Resto – Bar is placed in 2 levels; Ground floor furnished in a vintage European diner Décor’ and the 1st floor has a contemporary lounge bar, the pride of which are the range of alcohol on the bar and the 6 best bartenders in the country.

As you enter the main hotel, you are greeted with a stairway on the left and a winding spiral stairway on the right. However, the one that is open for customers is on the left. The right one is used by the hotel staff. You get on top of the stairway and are greeted by a door, which opens to a passage flanked by Flags from across the World , some of which I had no idea about. And then you are hit by dark plush interiors and beautiful chandeliers..

[photographs above shared by the Restaurant/pub]

Beverages/Drinks at the RestoPub:

 Maid in India

Mint Julep [non alcoholic]

 mBessy Elite Sour

 The Royal Tea Punch

Ginger Cosmo

M'Bessy Kitchen & Bar:

An exclusive gastronomic endeavor in Chennai focusing on continental cuisine and a wide range of Cocktails and the largest Bar in the city.We have the Bar team headed by the 6th best bartender of India. Our food consultants are currently part of Michelin star restaurants around the world.

M'Bessy derived from Embassy is a  "Republic of Gastronomy" traversing the customer into a world of great food and drinks. The twist in the name is to emphasis the term "Bessy" which is the elite name for Chennai's iconic besant nagar beach and our strategic location of being the 1st building on the road to that beach.

An European Interior, our 2 level restaurant has a fine dining space in the ground floor leading into a Bar in the first floor. M'Bessy is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Dinesh Raj.The other partners of the restaurant are Mr. & Mrs. Britto and Nithya.

The dishes we had were,

1. Mezze Platter
2. Broccoli Polonais - Loved it

3.Pizza Bianca - blue cheese & caramelised onions - was good.. 
4. Paneer based dish 

5. Chocolate Terrin
6. Tiramisu [deconstructed]- was the best of the lot 
7. Caramelised Bono

Well, the decor is wow, the drinks were beautiful, each one different from the other and quite theatrical as well. Loved the starters, esp the Broccoli dish but they do lack consistency in favours. As for the mains, liked the pizza, others were alright... The desserts were alright...  But then it could also be that they are still new and rough around the edges.. Should do a visit few months down the road to give it another shot!! 

It is indeed a place where one can go hang out with friends or even hold a business meeting.. 

A Meal for two will cost about Rs.1800 without the drinks.

No. 1, Royal Enclave, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
Phone:044 2446 3311

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit :-)

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  1. The food is very good The ambience of the hotel is very good Hotel staff is very good Price of food and drinks are very nominal compared to other 5 stars Suggest one if in ranching should be here and check out the hotel
    AC kalyana mandapam in Chennai


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