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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New flavours from paper boat...

 Well, for someone who is not a big fan of the fizz or soft drinks, there are quite a few options, but then comes the doubt - do they contain natural fruit juices or artificial flavours? won't they be full of sugar and so on. That is when I spotted a packet of paper boat juice in a local grocery store. I tried the Aamras and was sold. Soon after I tried few other flavours , but my all time favourite is Kokum. 

Recently, I noticed they have come out with two new flavours, perfect ones to beat the heat I guess. One is Panakam [ it is intact a light drink made with jaggery, dried ginger and water] - quite flavourful and cooling. The Panakam from paper boat is just as good, except it has cardamom as well. 

[Image courtesy: Paper boat Facebook page]

The other flavour they have come out with is Guava Chilli. Now this is one fruit am not a big fan of, but was curious and so tried the drink. It has a sharp tang and a gentle chilli bite to it at the end. My mom and uncle who love the fruit loved it. Said it was packed with Guava flavour!

[Image courtesy: Paper boat Facebook page]

Recently when out on the road, I spotted this cool Paperboat truck, the colourful exterior was quite inviting.. look at the bottom panel, with the colourful bottles all around them.

If you have been hooked on soft drinks or canned ones, time to give this a shot. You can thank me later~

Available at all stores and on Big basket as well.. 

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