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Friday, April 20, 2018

Khandani Rajdhani- Aamlicious Thali

With the rising temperatures, the signs that the Summer ahead is gonna be trecherous is a sure shot. But then, when it is Summer, it is also the season for the arrival of the king of fruits – the Mango... My family goes gaga the minute summer sets in and they start stalking stores looking for the best ripe mangoes out there.. And then there are the street vendors loading up on raw mango with chilli powder- yumm!! 

For those who love Mangoes, Rajdhani is back with their ‘Aamlicious’ mango menu that will leave you zapped and craving for more...  The thali includes a variety of mango dishes [raw mango & ripe ones] such as - Kairi Panna, Aam dal dhokli, aam fajeto, mango jalebi, Kachori with aam ras, Khoba roti, Kairi masala bhat, Kacchhe aam ki launji, Aamchoori Gunda, plus a wide range of dishes made with daal and vegetables that have mango blended in them. In total there are more dishes than I can remember, the menu is rotated every day and goes on till end May or longer...  This is one festival that wows foodies year after year!! 

The Aamlicious menu will be served in Khandani Rajdhani restaurants across the country, at all their outlets... In Chennai, they are at Phoenix Market City, Velachery...So, rope in your friends/family and head out there to enjoy this delicious thali.. Well, there’s no such thing as too many mangoes!

Phoenix Market City Level 1- 2nd Floor [just below Luxe., opp Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf],
Velachery main Road, Velachery, Chennai , Tamil Nadu – 600 042

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon App├ętit :-)

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  1. What a spread......
    I like those shev dahi puri (I hope its the same thing)


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