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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A session on Vegan Cheese wit Neelima Sriram... The Conscious Market!

When I got invited by a blogger friend to a session on Vegan Cheese wit Neelima Sriram, I was quite curious.. I have heard of vegan food and cheese, but had no clues how it worked.. As in what did they make the cheese from, what did it taste like and why were all these different diets taking over the world [am talking about Vegan, Keto, paleo and the works...]... 

This event was part of the The Conscious Market which is on 26th & 27th at Express Avenue Mall! There was a special vegan buffet at E hotel, and stalls at the atrium in Express avenue mall. 

So, there I was with few others who had been invited sitting around a table waiting for the event to start. I did walk around the large table at the end that was piled with different fruits, olives, crackers and the bowls and platters of cheese [ each with a different label]. While they all looked like dips and creamy cheese varieties, I was still puzzled about the taste. 

It was then that Neelima started explaining the concept of Vegan cheese and how the variations were made. So the base for this cheese is cashew and other nuts, sometimes even fruits or vegetables are used. It was quite an interesting experience. Even though the cheese are all creamy and quite nice, they arent really a substitute for regular cheese, nor can you fool someone into thinking they were.

Being vegan is all about switching your lifestyle, no dairy, ergo no animal based products!While some switch to this lifestyle for health reasons, others are for the whole "I care about animals and so will not have anything made from them"... 

Take a look at the cheese platter and different cheeses we had... The one cheese that we did not get to taste, but I got a sneak taste of later on is the yellow in[ in the 1st picture], it was made with cashew cheese as base and blended with carrots and pumpkin. It was delicious, but felt more like a dip than a cheese. Hmmm.. i guess like everything else it is all about controlling the mind and giving new things a chance! 

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