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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Haji Ali

The 1st time i heard of Haji Ali fruit center was through my cousin, and on a Sunday we decided to visit the place. As we turned into Greams Road, memories came flooding back... The Juice center is right next to my Ex-office, it had been 5yrs since i had been on that road... 

The ambiance was quite nice,  nothiing over the top, but quite simple and neat. We chose a table near the window and started scanning through the menu card. 

While they do serve juices, milkshakes and fruits with cream, they also have an extensive menu for food items- sandwiches, pizzas, burgers  & fries. Their sandwiches are quite yummy, and the chutney has a bit of Mumbai flavor in it.. 

Mango with Cream
Strawberry with Cream
Strawberry Faluda
Mango Faluda
1 plain Vanilla ice cream 
1 plate of French Fries
was ordered.................. 

We sampled all the drinks, enjoyed some, while others were avg.. Few mins later, beckoned the waiter to place more orders-

Lychee with cream
Mango Milkshake
More Fries

Since that 1st visit, i have been back there atleast 3 -4times and everytime i try to order something different... Each of the dishes, ice creams and drinks have been divine...

Their portions are quite large, especially the milkshakes, and Faluda, plus they are quite filling... Once we went to Haji Ali around 10pm and ordered 
Fruits with ice cream
Strawberr Jelly with ice cream
2 veg grilled sandwich
 [Pic courtesy-]

These were simply delicious... and we left with a big grin on our faces! The place serves only vegetarian food dishes, so dont expect other options! The one dish that everyone has been raving about is Custard Apple with cream, so the next time i visit i shall dive into this as well :)

During my most recent visit, i discovered they have opened an outlet in T-Nagar, right next to Cafe Coffee day, Prakasam street.. The corner that joins with GN Chetty road, near Maverick Gym!

Service: Quite prompt
Ambiance- Cosy and comfortable
Cost- Reasonable 
Haji Ali Juice Centre 
85B, Murugesa Naikar Complex,
Greams Road. 
Call (044) 28292220 or 28292227 for details or home delivery.
Haji Ali juice Center
#124 Sterling Point, Near Bharathirajaa Speciality Hospital & Research Centre, 
G N Chetty Road, T Nagar, Chennai - 600017
Call (044)-28342704,28342705,28342706

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