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Friday, February 24, 2012

Zha Cafe, Chennai

After hearing about this place from friends and others, i finally managed to visit it last Monday evening. Turning into the narrow lane i spotted Bharat Senior secondary school and there it was on my left. Zha Cafe... A huge white board with the name in English and the logo in Tamil stood out... The archway and door resembled that of an old traditional house in our home town. Looked very nice and appealing and on both sides there were windows with Coffee beans filled half way through. 

As soon as i entered the building, i saw there were comfortable sofas in the main hall, with smaller rooms on all sides each one with a distinct decor. 
 There was another bigger room in the back where a lady worked away on her laptop and the kitchen was on one side of the room. 

This was a post box, where customers dropped off their cards that were posted for real. It is the cafes way of keeping the age old tradition alive..


There was a room with a boat like seating arrangement, another with Rajasthani decor- pink walls, puppets hanging on the windows, comfortable seating on the floor; and then there was the cool room straight from a movie shooting set, with chairs labelled Director, Actor, Producer and so on. 

We chose the room near the entrance with a huge Snakes & ladders game being the center table. it was a small room, but took us back in time. There was a row of shelves with traditional gaming boards on them- few tops, a Thayathu board, Pallam Kuzhi board in the shape of a fish and a puzzle on the table. 

We ordered Mulagai Bhajji [Chilli bhajji], Cocktail idli and a Tea kadai platter... The Bhajji was hot and yumm, the idlies were slightly over fried and tasted like french fries... The Tea kadai platter is quite elaborate and each of the items were yummy... Only thing i suggested was they should serve the tea/coffee in a stainless steel vessel instead of mugs... 

When we asked for the bill, the guy brought along 2 postcards. We wrote out addresses and they promised to paste a stamp and post it for us :)


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