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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cafe Chokolade, Egmore, Chennai

Last week, when a friend and i were in Egmore, finishing up some errands, we were tired hungry and thirsty, and the 1st place that came into our horizon was Cafe Chokolade, and since we hadnt been here before, we walked in. 

I guess they were having their daily powercut, as the AC was off, and a fan was keeping the place cool.  Aside from 2 other guys, the place was abandoned. We sat ourselves in the sofa, and that is when i spotted the black plastic bag with JENGA. I promptly began stacking up the wooden blocks while my friend was glancing through the menu card. There was just way too much chocolate there, and lost for choice, we asked the man behind the counter to recommend something cool and refreshing.

When we asked him if they had hot chocolate or something similar, he replied in negative saying they had thick shakes. 

Ok... my next question was do you have something simple and light, he again replied in negative saying "no, you cant drink any of our shakes, you need to eat them". I was tempted to try one of the dry fruit shakes, but my thoughts were interrupted when

He went to ask - "Is this your first time here?" 

We replied in affirmative

He then continued saying "you should have the Chokolade B", its the best, made with chocolate, and topped with chocolate pieces, it is thick and really good. We have our own factory, where the chocolate and other bases are made he went on.....

Unsure, we went with his recommendation and ordered a Chokolade B... 

Within seconds, our token number flashed on the little window at the end of the hall, and i picked up our drink, that looked quite sinful. Alas, that was it... The chocolate shavings and pieces were just creamy, and so was the shake.. It was missing any kind of flavour... My friend and I dint have the heart to waste it, but couldnt finish the drink and walked out quite unsatisfied and disappointed.... 

I must confess- I am not a chocolate person, and even if someone wants to lure me with chocolate, they better be talking about Dark chocolate.  But i do know taste, and have had quite a few chocolate based desserts and drinks before....

Well, i shall not strike off this place completely, shall visit once more and then decide! 

Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 3/10
Service: Self Service
Overall: 3/10

Mr Vivek(Proprietor)
Ph: 044-42126461 
No 10/1a3,
Montieth Road,
Chennai - 600008
Directions: It is 2 doors from Cake walk, adj to Alsa Mall..

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