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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pastas con los vehĂ­culos (Pasta with vegetables)

I am not talking about something that is Greek or Latin. It is Spanish, but for an Italian dish! 😃

The dish I am talking about is Pasta with vegetables :-)

It was one of those days when the cook had not turned up and we were in the mood for something other than boring Rice- sambar/rasam- curry etc.. I suggested pasta, had to go buy ingredients. Thank god for Nilgiris being close by home:-)

What you need:

Pasta- any kind- 2tbsp per person( I was using farfelle- bow shaped pasta)

Vegetables- capsicum, carrots, mushroom, broccoli, zucchini, olives

Oil- olive oil
Salt- to taste
Water- enough to boil/cook the pasta in
Herbs- rosemary, thyme,basil,oregano

Sauce base:

Olive oil- 1tsp
Walnuts - handful
Red chili- 2- soaked in hot water
Tomato- 3- soaked in hot water

The procedure:

1. In a big pan, put the pasta to cook ( add some salt and olive oil)
2. To this I add the tomatoes and red chilies( pulling them out after a few mins)
3. In another pan, add some oil and sauté the vegetables. Keep mushrooms for the last as they cook fast and tend to release water. ( I sautéed them separately and kept them aside as dad does not like mushrooms)
4. Put all ingredients for the base incl tomatoes and red chillies and purée in a blender . Add water if required. I also add a spoonful of veggies in this( adds nice texture and volume to the sauce)
5. Add this paste to the vegetables. Add herbs and salt at this stage.
6. Once pasta cooked , drain and tumble into pan with sauce and vegetables .
7. Allow it all to come together and turn off stove.
8. If you like, can add cheese on top before serving ..

Bon apettit!

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