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Sunday, August 19, 2012

OMG at Sandys

A plan was made, people were roped in and the venue was decided.. We were all headed to Sandy's Wallace Garden to attack, or rather devour the Oh My God dessert... Found a table, parked ourselves and waited eagerly, wondering if the dessert will live up to its name or be a let down...

Ta da.. the waiter brought forth a huge white bowl that had a sparkler on it on our table. I looked at it, looked at it again... in sheer disbelief. Was it humanly possible to eat something this big? I was reminded of the Man Vs Food show on TLC where Adam wolfs down giant burgers and pancakes.. Thought to myself "hmm, maybe he can finish this dessert in a few minutes, but can we all?" and we were 6 of us.. not 1 or 2.... 6....

 The size of the bowl.. i kid you not!! 

 Can you see the yummy sauces that have been slathered on generously? a total of 100ml- Caramel Sauce, butterscotch sauce, White & Dark chocolate sauce

A few minutes of silence, each of us saying a silent prayer and ofcourse clicking away with our cameras, and phones.. staring at each other with the same question running through our minds and then attack... we grabbed a spoon each and began digging into this treat. 

Most of them were standing, well, they said they couldnt reach into the bowl sitting down... And slowly, steadily, the bowl was getting empty.. We could finally see the bottom of what seemed to have been a bottomless pit of divinity.... 

Oh My God

2 rich brownies
3 cookies with chocolate chips
6 scoops of ice cream- 3 vanilla and 3 chocolate
300 -600 ml of fresh whipped cream
100 ml sauces-  Caramel Sauce, butterscotch sauce, White & Dark chocolate sauce

Total weight of the dish- 2.2kgs

What do you know.. 10mins flat the bowl was empty... short of licking it we had polished it off .... Surprisingly, it was a light dessert, not the kind that goes sits in your tummy, giving you a nauseated feeling.  

Sandesh and Madan made a beeline towards our table and we had a quick chat with them about the OMG, how many have conquered it. Sandesh mentioned one guy had eaten the who had devoured it all by himself- took 45mins, strolled around, chit chatted and ate like he was eating a small cake... He also mentioned there was another guy who ate 75% and commented "i could finish it, but dont want to risk stuffing myself"... 

We were then served a platter of cup cakes- Red velvet with a cream cheese icing, Vanilla with plain icing sugar and rich chocolate with chocolate icing.... The vanilla won hands down...!!

That is what you call an amazing fun wacko evening with friends........................

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