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Monday, September 10, 2012

The journey... Chennai food guide

My 1st interaction with CFG members was at Tuscana in Chamiers. I met Nishanth, Ali and Wasim, got talking about what they do and well, the rest as they say is History.. I have been to Restaurant reviews, interacted with them offline and made quite a few friends through this lovely forum.

Today, when a bunch of make plans to meet, try out OMG at Sandy's, we are a group of friends, we kid around, pull each others' legs, enquire, offer to help and do just about everything good friends would do for each other. Actually, more than a group, we are a family!! 

When we go for reviews, we spend not half hour or one hour, we spend nearly 4-5hrs at the restaurant talking about everything under the sun. There are whines and grins about how photographers hog the limelight [well, it is the food, but they mill around clicking away while food goes cold] and then there are those times when we are busy passing the plate to get a sample of the various dishes.... The meets are always abuzz with excitement, chattering and oohs, yumm, and the occasional yuck or bleh... 

Chennai Food guide was born in Orkut, there was a thriving community, but as all things go through a metamorphosis. It has now become quite the group on Facebook, with over 7000 members, and a vibrant community where members interact freely with restaurant owners; and where feedback [positive/negative] is welcome.. There are the occasional banters, exchange of words that takes place, but then it is all part of the game.

Over the last few months, CFG has come a long way... Going beyond doing restaurant reviews, there are workshops being organized- cake baking, barbecue in the swimming pool, Tex-Mex, Greek food [the latter 2 are yet to happen] and many many more.... This not only brings the people closer, but also helps us learn the nuances of food... 

And now, it is time to celebrate CFG's 8th Anniversary, an opportunity to bring together all the members to one venue, whip up a storm in terms of the dinner, interact with others from the industry and have one awesome evening.. 

Join us in making this evening a fabulous one.... Come be a part of this lovely community.... And no, don't worry about piling on those pounds, we'll give you pointers on gyms and work outs that you can do ;o)

To know more, visit

CFG Page on Facebook :

CFG on Twitter :

The link to purchase ticket for the party evening online- CFG 8th Anniversary party

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