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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good Food, Good company and a Good evening with Girls

After the fun evening at the French Loaf Cake event, Cafe Pascucchi and Rajdhani, the ladies were alive and excited about the next meeting. This time, it was to be Dinner at Crimson Chakra.. After a few 100 messages, discussions, debates, tangent conversations, we finally decided to do dinner at Crimson Chakra, Khader Nawaz Khan road... 

The date was set
The venue was fixed
Now, all that was left was for the girls to turn up... What started out as a big group dwindled to a handful, but the 5 that were there at dinner can vouch for the FUN EVENING that it was... :-)

There were 4 of us, plus Jenny who was going to have her 1st Tender Coconut Souffle... *bring on the drum rolls i say*

After a bit of furore, we finally ordered, cancelled, re-ordered and probably confused ourselves as much as the staff at the restaurant... People were asking for items that were served in Adyar outlet and not here.. Ooh and Aah,and a bit of oh my gods... Finally, we ended up ordering enough food for an army [a battalion i would say...]

Since i was sniffling and coughing away, i was the only taker, err, sorry Deepa & I were the only takers for the Mushroom with smoked cashewnut soup...

Some of the starters were -
Curried Mushroom and Corn Sacks -well, we actually thought it was a main dish or a gravy of sorts.. was yumm.. almost like fried kozhukattais.

Fried Baby Corn in curry leaf batter - we had this with the 2 chutneys on the table, and though i couldnt taste much[thanks to the cold], it was atleast hot..

Potato and friend spinach salad that was Jenny's main-- came in a huge white bowl with 4 petals from the Banana flower on each know, vazhapoo.. [spinach- yumm, rest of the salad was a bit too tangy- mayo? sour cream? wonder what it was]

Now, moving on, yes... we did move on... only further ahead into the evening, ordering the mains-- 

Smoked rice [Damn you Aswin Rao.... you were there in the evening with your crack ups]- yummm

Cheese crepes stuffed with ratatouille basilica  [Basilica kept reminding me of Chapels and Cathedrals... lol... the dish was fairly cold, and so we requested it be heated and then it was good... was served along side a portion of boiled veggies]
Paneer Paranthas - i gave this a pass, was feeling quite full.. 

Vegetarian Lasagne - was good, perfect for the cold... Just wished i could have tasted all the flavours.. [blaming on the cold once again]

and now, finally, wait, keep your drums, trumpets and jing-juckus ready.... Dessert time.... All heads rolled into one, we ordered 1...2...3...4...wait for it...5 elaneer souffles ( and then came the order for another 4+1 parcel... by 2 of the women]

with that, all plans of hitting Amadora came to a crash, and we walked out with a big grin on our faces... But not before aunty gave us each a bag full of delicious looking tomatoes [some of which was made into divine soup feeding my cold]

Until next time.. Here's to more fun and frolic!! 

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - what ambiance? oh you mean the restaurant ambiance-- 7/10 lol
Price -7/10
Crimson Chakra is located in Khader Nawaz Khan Road above Bang and Olfsen Showroom, right next to Espirit showroom and 5Senses complex..
No. 7/11, Khader Nawaz Khan Road,  Nungambakkam , Chenna
Ph: 9786655845, 64500500

PS: to all those who dint make it.. boohooo... we missed you... not.. buhahah... ;o)

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  1. went back to that day! rofl moments and as usual awesome blog B-)


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