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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cream & Fudge, T Nagar

Sprinkles, Oreo cookies, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, apple sauce, blueberry sauce,hazelnut, chocolate chips, hot gooey fudge.. Ah, I can see you are already drooling!!  Imaging walking into a place that offered you all this and more? Yes, that is how awesome the experience was. Who doesn't love ice cream, right? Well, to be honest, am not a big ice cream freak, but I do love my desserts, especially Apple Pie.. You will see me ordering it everywhere I go. So, you can imagine my joy when I saw it on the menu up on the wall here..    And since then, I have been hooked. 

Where am I? I was at Cream & Fudge in Venkatnarayana Road, T Nagar. As a family, we frequent the outlet in KNK road and this was the 1st time at the T Nagar outlet. Right above is the Pizza corner outlet. 

What was the evening all about?
A bunch of us were there, said Hi hello to new faces and chitter chatter with familiar ones and then got down to business. What business you ask? Well, we were going to create our own ice cream sundaes. And now guesses- I chose the Apple crumble- with the help of the Store manager and staff managed to whip up a yumm bowl of ice cream. 

How did I do it? First you scoop out the ice cream from the tub onto the cold stone. Put the scoop in the bowl of flowing water. Then pick up what looks like flat spatulas- two of them, one for each hand. You have to hold it in a particular angle, cut into the ice cream scoops. And now comes the fun part- you add the biscuit crumbs and apple pie mix onto it, and mix it up by cutting and mixing the ice cream, scraping all the way to the bottom.   After four or five whips, it is done and ready to be placed in a bowl. I chose the plain paper cup [ have tried the waffle cones and waffle cups, but they are a tad difficult to bite into as they get tad soggy with the ice cream in it].. The manager suggested I add some caramel sauce on my ice cream, which I did [I should have avoided it, made the ice cream very sweet] ... All that apart, it was sinful- the flavour of apple and cinnamon and crunch of the crumbs- sure felt like heaven!! 

Once I was done, I got out from behind the counter to the other side and started clicking pictures of the places, the others who tried their hand at making sundaes. One of the staff made a Mango based sundae and he tossed it up in the air quite high before it felt right into the cup... That guy sure is talented and has a good aim!!

Next time you get ice cream craving, you know where to head!! Oh and they have a new Watermelon based sundae for the summer.. 

Cream & Fudge
Venkatanarayana Rd,
Few doors down from Tirupati Devasthanam temple
T Nagar, 
Chennai - 600017 
Ph: +91 95 00 087696/+91 9611982559

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