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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DineIn chennai

On those rare days that Gramma says "Shall we order in dinner?" I get excited and start looking for options. She loves Continental food, and good North Indian dishes.. On the other hand does not like Idli dosa ordered in...  And I love the fact that once she decides it is going to be food from outside she is flexible on the whole no onion no garlic rule and is alright with dishes that have them .. But i do try to order Jain dishes for her.. [she can eat them in peace] 

Eden is a favorite, but they don't deliver- So the 1st time I ordered and picked it up on the way home. But then the 2nd time I decided to use Dinein service and it was such a breeze. These guys have been around for a while, but I haven't used them much.  Earlier when I was in T Nagar all restaurants delivered directly, so did not have to look for an alternative service. But now in Chetpet, it is a different game altogether.  

They also have a mobile app, intact give a discount of Rs100 when you order via the app [the 1st time].. What a cool way to encourage people to download the app, right? 

Ok,coming back to their site, they have a wide range of restaurants and can get you just about anything you are dreaming of.  Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, etc etc etc.... And the entire process is quite simple and easy.. You can also choose to pay online or ask for COD... 

Last evening we ordered dinner from Cream Centre and the food arrived hot and yumm.. Only Naan was chewy but I guess that is bound to happen on home delivery.. The few minutes the naan sits in the delivery bag it gets difficult to tear apart and enjoy... 

Next time you are looking for food options that are beyond your zone, just check out Dinein and have a fun time!

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