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Friday, April 22, 2016

Jamavar - The Leela Palace, Chennai


Restaurant Week India is back and this time they have tied up with a few new restaurants as well.  Giving people an opportunity to dine at a five star hotel, or a fine dining restaurant without worrying about putting a big dip in their wallets is what this concept is all about. Where you might spend 3000++ Rs for a meal for two, you end up spending a fraction of that when you go via Restaurant Week India. No way, I am not exaggerating..  If you don't believe me, check out the website and see what am talking about.

Where did I go? 

Well, I chose to dine at a restaurant I have been meaning to visit Jamavar in The Leela Palace, MRC Nagar.

Jamavar I discovered is a special type of shawl made in Kashmir. While I thought Pashmina was it, I was told that the best quality of Jamawar is built with Pashmina. Most of the designs seen today are floral, with the kairy as the predominant motif.  

The evening began with a few minutes spent chatting about the place, the restaurant, the city and much more with two very interesting people from the hotel. I then bid then adieu before getting down to business. For starters, while you get to choose one from four options, I was served a small portion of all four. There was Thair Vadai [really soft and fresh], Subz Mewa Seekh [Mix veg kebab which had the rich taste of peas and corn], Baby Corn Bezule [ baby corn marinated in secret spices and served crisp] and finally the starter that I would recommend for all- Bharwan Aloo Tikki [ melt in your mouth patty]

Between mouthfuls I couldn't help but stare in awe at the gorgeous decor and plush interiors...I was told the pastels on the wall were based on the traditional Jamavar style of weaving- they were carved on wooden panels and covered the walls. On the ceiling and tables, you would find a similar pattern, which is also placed on the Maharaja table [ one that is a semi private dining area at the far end of the restaurant, seating upto 15people] in Mother of pearl. Not to forget the gold touch across the decor and cutlery as well. The restaurant oozed of plushness and opulence and you feel Royal dining here. I got a detailed tour of the restaurant courtesy the Manager, who told me about the history of the place, the decor, the details and about the food served here~ 

For the mains, I was again offered all four side dishes [you get to choose one from the menu]- Paneer Makhani [soft paneer cooked in simple creamy sauce], Sabz Kadai [ mixed veg side dish that was subtle on spices and not too hot], Gobi Hara Pyaz [ cauliflower based gravy that was perfectly seasoned], Vendakka kara kozhambu [a south indian spicy gravy of sorts, it is best had with plain steamed rice]  and of course the show stopper in the main course was the Dal Jamavar [ am a big fan of Dal Makhani and this just took it to a whole new level, i happily devoured the small bowl of dal shamelessly]

Ah what an evening it was turning out to be. As I enjoyed my company, I felt blessed to be there, enjoying such a beautiful meal in such a setting.. Before I knew it, I was looking down at the plate with a single portion of Malai Kulfi - It was delicious, rich creamy and laced with chopped dry fruits. The other desserts that you can choose from were Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai and Ada Pradaman.. I liked that they had a good mix of North Indian and South Indian dishes in the RWI Menu.. Gives people the option to choose.

After such a meal all you can do is spend a few minutes reliving the flavours, have a cup of coffee and call it a night with a smile on your face... This restaurant is open only for Dinner, there are two slots available on RWI - 7.30pm and 9.30pm. Hurry up, go on make a reservation here or at one of the other restaurants ... 

It officially kicks off today 22nd April, Friday and is on till May 1st, Sunday. This time OLA Prime presents Restaurant Week where customers have the choice to dine at some of the finest restaurants for a fraction of the a la carte rates.

Restaurant Week Chennai features 13 participating restaurants that will offer a three-course price fixed menu (with an option of vegetarian or non-vegetarian) at INR 750 for lunch and INR 900 for dinner per diner. The price, per individual, is exclusive of applicable taxes, service charges and anything ordered outside of the special Restaurant Week menu.

This round will continue the feature of Restaurant Week Signature options over and above an extensive hand-picked menu, giving diners the option of experiencing the restaurant’s signature dish at an incremental cost in lieu of a regular appetiser or main course option. Restaurant Week Signature Appetisers are priced at an additional INR 100 and Restaurant Week Signature Main Courses at an additional INR 200, excluding all taxes and service charges, at select participating restaurants.

Event Rules:
In order to secure your reservation, we will require the entire meal price of INR 750/-++ for Lunch or INR 900/-++ for Dinner, applicable taxes and service charges  + a non-refundable convinicence fee per diner. The collected amount is completely adjusted against your bill at the restaurant whilst we will retain only the convinience fee.

Visit for information or to make a reservation!
[info courtesy RWI website]

The Leela Palace
Adyar Seaface, M.R.C Nagar, Chennai - 600028
Phone:044 3366 1234

Website url:

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit :-)

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