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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Souplantation, Los Angeles

Souplantation, one of the few places that I fell in love when in USA.. It was the day before the wedding, us girls were all being heralded towards the car to go for the rehearsal.. It was the 1st time, we were told what our role was, where we had to stand, what we had to do etc.. And well, once that was done, it was time to go dig into some amazemax food - salad and soup, plus pasta and desserts.. 

It was decided we would head to Souplantation, now that is a name I was fascinated and curious about. Once I walked in, I saw a long row that was the Salad bar, it had veg, non veg, condiments and just about everything else you can think about. Oh, it had fruits as well.

All you do is grab a bowl and pile on whatever you want and then grab a drink, maybe a bowl of pasta or soup and finally bill em all. It is a self service place and quite a large one at that. There is a separate section for beverages, even if it is just water you need with a separate dispenser for ice cubes. 

I was fascinated and well, enjoyed the food as well. There were two tiny tots with us -5yr olds, one chose a bowl of soup while the other took some fruits and a pasta [mac n cheese]. We chose the long community style table with high chairs and spent nearly two hours chomping down food and yapping away dime a dozen. The day was long for a few of us, and others were headed home to chill for a while... 

The salad and soup combination costed about $12-14 [of course it depends on what you take]

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