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Monday, January 29, 2018

Lavazza launches Il Mattino Vivace

What does Coffee mean to you?

* It is the first thing I reach for every morning. Only when I have had a hot cup of filter kaapi [as we say it in South India] does my day begin.

You better not talk to me till I have had my first kaapi 

Coffee needs to be strong, piping hot and have the perfect sugar. Love the way my husband makes it for me daily. 

Coffee - Ahh, don't ask.. My father in law wakes up first and puts the filter every morning. He will make himself a cup and one for me as well and wait. It is the time we spend together, talking about news and the daily menu as well. 

Kaapi reminds me of my father. He had specific taste on how his kaapi should be and it had to be made to perfection. He was the only one allowed to brew the filter and then would ask my mom to make him his morning cup. They would then sit watch tv, chit chat and drink their kaapi.. 

Well, these were some comments, bits and bytes I got when I spoke to a few people around me and asked them about their coffee/kaapi routine.  For many, it was a ritual of sorts and for others it was their wake up call , gearing them for the long day ahead. And each one had specific taste/brand preferences as well. We had one brand that we had been using for years now. But then, when I read about the new range of Coffee from Lavazza- Il Mattino Vivace, I got curious and decided to try it out.  Il Mattino Vivace, which translates to "the lively morning" sounded like it was just what I needed to kick start the day [esp since I had just come back from a holiday and wasn't ready to get back to routine]

It comes in a vacuum packed pouch and is specifically made for the Indian audience who love their Filter coffee. Lavazza has been around for a while, and quite renowned for their coffee, and this  is  a fine blend of Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from select plantations in Coorg and Chikmagalur regions in the hills of Western Ghats in India. I brewed it in our filter at home and the decoction had a lovely aroma to it. Added a splash of milk, a dot of sugar and voila, the kaapi was ready. It had good flavour and depth, but was not too strong neither was it too mild/watery. Gave a shot to gramma and she approved of it [she is quite finicky about her kaapi as well] :-) So, I guess it passed the test!! :D 

This coffee is available in leading modern retail outlets, it comes in packs of 200 grams and is priced at Rs. 150.

Find more about Il Mattino Vivace , visit

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