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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Va Pho at Ampa Skywalk, Chennai

Now that you are done feasting on the dishes, here is a something about this restaurant... rather their new outlet! 

Va Pho, one of my new favourite restaurants has opened it's 3rd outlet, the 2nd one in Chennai [the other is in Coimbatore], the first week of April. What is different about this place? Well, just that it seems bigger, and has an extensive grill [Teppan] and sizzler dishes to the menu.  

The 70-seater is located adjacent to Seras the lounge. There remains the familiar vibrant interiors and the shelves lined with games and books.  There is also the long community style table with the main art work as the backdrop. Yes, the auto is also present here!! 

The evening began with the refreshing Blue moon drink, and in a while, I moved on to the much recommended Milo Dyno, which packs quite a flavour [am sure those who love chocolate and grew up drinking Milo will love this one], I got to try the Dim sum with a mix of crunchy & soft corn zucchini filling, served with a spicy sauce. And then came the two kinds of satay- Mushroom and tofu with a small spoonful of raw mango salad. The salad was perfect against the spicy satay.   

Then came the sensational Bao - Mushroom and Tofu. I have loved these from the first bite I took at the other Va pho, and recommend this to anyone who is going to the restaurant. Mind you, one is quite filling and packed with textures & flavours. I also tried the simple yet yumm stir fried Broccoli. 

I met and interacted with the Chef handling the Teppan [ he has had 8 years experience handling the Teppan at Benjraong]. he cooked up some veggies in a spicy sauce with a hint of garlic. For the mains, I tried the glass noodle salad { a favorite as it has wood ear mushrooms], the Thai rice, and parotta with creamy gravy. 

After a short break, it was time for the dessert..I had the cool Tender Coconut popsicle with sweetened coconut cream and sago pearls and a small taste of the sizzling brownie. Love that they have retained the true essence of the place, while adding to the existing menu [cos of space availablity]. If you feel like a drink, you can always hop in next door to Sera!! 

A Meal for 2 would cost approx Rs 800 -1000/- 

3rd floor, Ampa Skywalk [next door to where Landmark bookstore used to be]
No. 1, Nelson Manickam Road, 627, P H Road, Aminjikarai

Other outlet
Va Pho is located behind Hot Breads ,Copper Chimney and Sera Tapas bar. 
No: 6, Cathedral road, Chennai: 86. 
Ph: (044) 48566555.

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon App├ętit :-)

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