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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Taj West End’s Masala Klub pop-up in Chennai at The Verandah ,Taj Connemara, Sep 20 -29

The lobby that was once very familiar looked new, it had been completely revamped but then there stood the majestic staircase I had gone up & down mulitple times on. It looked the same.. The place had undergone a change, and yet felt familiar. I was at Taj Connemara after a year of their reopening..  As I made my way towards The Verandah, the familiar photographs of Chennai welcomed me, plus there were also a few new installations [ interactive ones]  ... 

Few minutes after settling in, we got to meet and spend a few minutes with Chef Paramjeet Singh, Sous Chef at Masala Klub.. He was infact heading back to Bangalore [had been called back urgently] but managed to spare a few minutes for us... He is known for his progressive Indian cuisine with some innovative creations like Crispy Edamame Pepper PotliVilayati Mirch ka JheengaSukhe Gulab ki Raan to name a few and over the course of our conversation he spoke about how he & his team would wander various regions across our country to come up with new ingredients or dishes they could recreate. One of them was the Motia Chole Palak, a dish that he had given his twist to. He also told us that each dish had just one or two spices that stood out, ensuring there was a good balance in flavours and the main ingredient was the highlight... 

Some of the signature dishes that stood out at dinner were Achari Ambi Paneer Tikka (Paneer flavoured with raw mango with a whole blend of homemade spices, finished in the tandoor), the Motia Chole Palak [ channa cooked down with spinach and served with roti] and not to forget the tangy spicy Tamarind sorbeta palate cleanser (The tamarind used is picked up from a 130-years-old-tree that overlooks the Masala Klub restaurant). 

 A few of the other dishes that I tasted during the course of the meal were - Bhunne Butte ka shorba (a thick soup made with corn, subtle flavours of coriander served with a spicy cracker) Dahi singada aur aloo bukhare ki tikki (spiced yoghurt with water chestnut patty stuffed with prunes and griddle fry) this was delicious, loved the varied texture; Paneer khatta pyaz (a paneer based gravy that was mild and unlike other paneer gravies I have had..) and Luckhnavi subz biryani (a fragrant assortment of garden fresh vegetables and basmati rice, flavored with saffron and mace, a specialty from ‘Lucknow', a town I have been meaning to visit for a while now...).

Well how could I not make a mention of the desserts, the Green apple kheer [ you would not believe this was a green apple kheer- it was more like Basundi blended with apples and saffron]- truly sinful & rich ; and my favorite, the Baked anjeer halwa (mashed figs topped with thickened milk, baked and served hot)- I highly reccommend this , esp for those who love figs... 

All this awaits you for Lunch & Dinner at The Verandah, Taj Connemara from 20th through to the 29th September... 
Please call  +917825890094 for more details or reserve a seat... 

Psst... there are equal veg & non veg dishes on the menu and going by the reaction on my non veg loving friend's faces, go indulge...... 

Psst Psst...all images shot on my new Samsung M30 [ i did use my DSLR, but decided to use the images from the phone and they are quite good, if you ask me ]

 Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  :-)

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