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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Burgundy's in Somerset

It was Saturday evening and i was looking forward to an evening out. This evening i knew was going to be different, for it was going to be spend in the new swanky Burgundy's in Ascott Somerset, MRC Nagar, Chennai.


 As i walked in around 7.15, the place was alive with beautiful chandeliers and people buzzing about. Vipin Sachdev after the success of Subway and Tuscana and Kryptos has now launched this all day dining restaurant. Burgundy is an all-day multi-cuisine dining place. B-Bar, he claims will have one of the longest bar counters There is also going to be a new Chinese Restaurant in the building- The Jade Wok!

The evening was filled with fun , food and music! There were people walking in, there were some trying to grab a Bakhlava or maybe a swiss roll. And then there were some scrambling to order a thin crust yummilicious Pizza....  

I dont think i have seen this amount of food in a long time. There were dazzling plates filled with little treats -both Veg & Non-veg..  Apart from food, there were quite an array of juices passed around adeptly by the waiters. As the evening wore on, the place was getting packed with people vying for a bite from one of the unique platters.  

What an evening it was.. I am looking fwd to visiting Burgundy's once it is launched, with the B-Bar, Music-Bar and all .. I left the venue towards home as the music floated in the air and smiles spread cheer in the air.... 

Good luck to Vipin Sachdev.. he sure is revolutionizing the Food arena in Chennai!

Oh and the Restaurant/Cafe/lounge bar opens doors to Public on 1st or 2nd Sep!!

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  1. Hey nice review here too.Missed you this time.Hope to see you next time.


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