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Friday, August 19, 2011

Maya, unravelling the mystique of Nellore cuisine

Three tired and hungry friends went around Nungambakkam looking for a restaurant to have dinner in. We finally ended up at Maya, the newly opened restaurant on Khader Nawaz khan road, in the same building as the New Cascade Restaurant and United Colours of Benetton. It is in the basement!! 

The place is owned by Sandesh Reddy, the man behind Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory.... 

As we pushed open the glass door with Black prints on it, the dark stairway led to a brightly lit restaurant that was near empty... The place had a swanky plush ambiance, that started with the motifs on the door to the seating arrangement and the lighting as well. 

We chose a semi circular seating near the door that was made with concrete and comfortable silk seating upholstery. The decor continued on the menu card as well. On the walls were posters of the various spices used in our cooking. Simple and Chic were the 1st words that popped into our heads..

 As we sat immersed at the interesting menu, the waiter brought three small shot glasses , saying "complimentary drink of the day". It was almost like the rasam i make at home, except stronger. Was divine, and we went in for a 2nd helping. We were also served a small Banana-wheat dosa and a mini Pesarettu as well , once again "Complimentary".. 

A long tray then landed on our table with 5 mini dishes with some interesting looking powders and chutneys which was served with a tiny shot glass of Ghee..

Paruppu podi... Curry leaves powder..Gonkura Chutney..Ginger Chutney..finally Coconut Chutney...

Within minutes we had devoured the dosas and chutneys, which were lip smacking.. it was then time to order the main courses..

The menu Card, the center sheet has the main dishes and the date on top, which was interesting to note!!

We kept it simple and ordered dishes that would arrive fast...

Starters--  Baby Potato fry

Main course- Vegetable biryani + Raita
A Brinjal based side dish - full brinjals cooked with spices and peanuts

The Food was hot and simply delicious. Though these two dishes dint have Andhra flavour, the baby potatos were hot and spicy... We went in for a 2nd order of the Vegetable Biryani  and a Tender coconut payasam + ice cream. The waiter brought the ice cream in a cup and poured tender coconut milk on it. It was light, simple and quite tasty.... We were full and burped with pleasure!  :-)

The restaurant had a section that had a glass partition, ideal for a family gathering.. The Kitchen is open, and looked very neat and organized. 

Ambiance- 8/10
Food - 9/10

Alcohol- No

Menu-Veg & Non veg
Price- Rs1600 for 3 of us 

Parking- If you are lucky, you might get a space in the building, else you can park across the road or somewhere down
Valet Parking- No
Overall Rating - 8/10

Address:  Platinum Building. 
New No 32 Khader Nawaz Khan Road, 
Chennai- 600006. 
Tel: 42137774 
Open from: 12.00 noon -3 .00 pm and 7.00-11 .00 pm 

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