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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Festa Della Pasta @ Prego, Taj Coromandel, Nungumbakkam 10th to 19th July

"Bellissimo" is the only word that comes to my mind the minute I think of Pasta. There are days when all I want is a small bowl of pasta, with a drizzle of olive oil , few slices of tomato and burnt garlic..  So, when I came to know of the Festa Della Pasta at Prego in Taj Coromandel, I was quite excited. 

And the entire menu has been designed by Chef Luca, who is all of 27 yrs of age. Damn, how did he become so talented and awesome?! The evening unfolded like a beautiful movie, scene by scene, with plates of soup and food flowing onto the table seamlessly and murmuring sweet nothings into our taste buds. 

The evening kicked off with a quick demo on past making by Chef. He told us green pasta was made with Parsley, red with carrots, black with Squid ink and Brown with cocoa powder. Equal portion of semolina was added to the dough and it was then rolled out. The entire process was such a treat to watch, the pasta sheet was thin and near transparent... 

The dinner started off with the Amuse Bouche - a spicy watermelon mocktail [watermelon juice with finely sliced green chillies] which was just what we needed to cleanse the palate and gear up for what came next. 

A plate with Potato beignets, goat cream cheese, tomato coulis and caramelized cherry tomato with a sprinkle of micro herbs is what came in. Each spoonful was a treat to our taste buds, packed with flavours and delicately done up. Just as we were getting used to this ride, along came the Truffle scented provolone and leek soup with Ortolana and Feta Cheese.  This was probably the 3rd time I was having Truffle and it is a flavour I love.  This soup was just smooth,creamy and divine! 

While the Truffle flavour lingered on our tongues, a thin crust pizza with cherry tomato, zucchini and mushrooms came waltzing in. It was fresh, and with a sprinkle of red chilli flakes &  parmesan cheese, it tasted even better. But am not really a pizza person, so stopped with one slice. I knew there were some exciting dishes in store. 

I watched in glee as a the Tomato flavoured Tagliolini pasta tossed with fresh Basil sauce arrived. It was beautiful, the delicate flavours of basil was visible in the sauce and the roasted pine nuts were amazing. The non veg gang had the Beef Bolognaise Lasagna & going by their reactions, it was a dish that blew them away. 

Another veg pasta we got to taste was the Cencioni with sweet Pepper sauce [having watched the Chef make this pasta, it was a fun experience]. It was served alongside purple crisp chips, which added a third element with the new texture.  Oh, and we weren't done yet. I also got a portion of the Zuchini and Tomato timbale with balsamic reduction which was build like a tower with layers of different vegetables and cheese as well.  But the star of the evening was the Ravioli with different kinds of Cheese served alongside some saffron sauce. The flavours were like being in a Circus, you don't know what to expect but are pleasantly surprised by the burst of flavours in your mouth. A party!! 

And to bring the evening to an end, came the two desserts - Bitter Chocolate flavoured Lasagna [made with cocoa powder] with Ice Cream and Chef Luca's deconstructed Tiramisu[lady finger biscuits replaced with a thin slice of cake].. I loved the Tiramisu, which I dug into 1st. Maybe that is why I couldn't taste the flavours in the lasagna, but did like the crunchy bits that were tucked between the sheets.  

One memorable evening is what it turned out to be. And the entire meal would set you back by around Rs2000-2500.  Do hop on the ride and share your experience, but do it before 19th July... 

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon App├ętit :-)

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