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Monday, August 31, 2015

Food Tales.. Breakfast like a queen!

For as long as I can remember, Breakfast has always been a defacto at home..Infact, during school days it used to be a mini lunch of sorts, which then changed to oats, porridge etc... But then when I came to high school and college, it became corn flakes.. And the saga continues even today..

I need breakfast .. around 8.30 to 9am is the time for it!

But then during the days when I was living on my own things changed a bit. No, I did not stop having breakfast, I changed what I had for breakfast.

On most days it would either be
Flattened rice [ aval] cooked in different ways,
Pancakes [with chocolate, apples-cinnamon, berries, etc etc]
Dosa  [ if I had batter at home]
Chappati [ courtesy leftover dough from pre night]
Pasta [ yes I have had pasta for breakfast.. lunch and dinner...]
French toast [ don't ask the recipe, I made it the way I thought it should be]
Masala Oats [ now this is something that I don't really like, the Saffola oats tasted a lot like maggi and yuvack... me no like]
Bombay Toast [ yummy but sweet]
And then ofcoruse the ultimate was Strawberry oats [ that i Love...God Bless Quaker for creating these].

And then there were days when I would step out to catch up with friends for breakfast.. We would grab a bite at Sangeetha or maybe the yummy waffles or omlette at Chamiers Cafe...

Recently, I had been to L'amandier to meet a friend and we decided to have breakfast there. They have couple of options go for the preset combo for veg/non veg or go a la carte. We chose the veg combo and she also ordered an additional Chocolate Croissant..

In the breakfast combo we got
Strawberry yoghurt
Baked beans [ toast]
Fresh fruit juice and
cornflakes apart from Coffee.

What is the One thing you love having for breakfast? Why?

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