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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chocolate Brunch at Flying Elephant in Park Hyatt, Chennai

It was a Brunch with a difference.. Actually it was a one of a kind brunch, atleast I havent heard of one this kind.. This was not the first time I was at the Hotel or the restaurant, but this was the first time I was here for the Brunch..Park Hyatt Chennai partnered with Cocoatrait for a brunch like no other at Flying Elephant ... just for a day [last Sunday 28th Feb].. It was a meal where they showcased chocolates, whose beans have originated in exotic lands like Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. Their chefs have thoughtfully integrated them into dishes like risotto, salads and many other savoury dishes taking us on an exquisite experience that is beyond the usual. The brunch finishes with the delectable desserts that are sheer works of art.

Some of the dishes we tasted were Madagascar Dark Chocolate Paneer Tikka, Colombian Chocolate Pizza and Ecuadorian Organic Lemon Grass Chocolate .. mouth watering right??!! Hah, you had to be there to savour the flavours and soak it all in... 

Am not even gonna explain the dishes, I would end up drooling and forgetting what I was writing.. So, just feast your eyes on these images and dream on... 

The three men behind the Chocolate Brunch- Chef Grzegorz Odolak [Park Hyatt], L Nitin Chordia [Cocoatrait] and Chef Vamsi Krishna Gadiraju [Park Hyatt] [Image Courtesy:Mohamed Ali]

Sushi [veg]

Mocktail, Fruit salad and Butternut squash soup- all laced with chocolate

Pizza, paneer tikka, Risotto and Polenta cakes

 Divine desserts - Brownie with Pacari chocolate, chocolate cup with mango filling, chocolate dense cake that had a layer of salt which was just WOW, Banoffee pie and Fruit tart

 Chocolate and Blueberry Macarons

 More from the dessert counter... Including Rasamalai and cake pops

We spent not one or two but a good four hours at the restaurant, talking about chocolate, listening to Nitin explain the fine details and aspects of each of these chocolates and the conversation flowed beyond the food... That is how at home we felt at Park hyatt!! Until next time, adios~!! 

#39 Velachery Road, Near Raj Bhavan
Tel: +91 44 7177 1234

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon App├ętit :-)


  1. Brilliant pics.. missed the brunch :-( looks like a mega chocolate ride

  2. The food is very good The ambience of the hotel is very good Hotel staff is very good Price of food and drinks are very nominal compared to other 5 stars Suggest one if in ranching should be here and check out the hotel
    AC kalyana mandapam in Chennai


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