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Friday, March 18, 2016

Paratha at Paratha Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi

So you are walking down Chandni Chowk, across shops and shops and more shops, all you will see are heads bobbing about, bargains thrown in and a wide plethora of stuff.. Now you better pay attention as you walk along ok, cos in between the numerous shops are small food outlets tucked in.. There will be shops selling aloo tikki chaat, lime shikanji and quite a few other stuff.. 
If there was one thing you shouldnt miss when you are here at Chandni Chowk is the Paranthe wali gali.. It is a narrow lane, like I mean narrow and as you enter you will get the aroma of things being fried, the hot oil will overpower your senses. A bit like walking into the kitchen when something is being deep fried constantly. There are shops stacked next to each other selling quite a range of Parathas here, the one we went to has been around since 1872, had pictures on the wall of the owner with just about every world leader and a menu card that ran through the entire ceiling.. There was everything from the paneer paratha to tomato to dry fruits to cheese and much more.. In total,about 26 different kinds.. And mind you, these are the no frills fancies kinda places. You manage to squeeze in, find a empty spot and squeeze yourself in. A guy will come take your order, and you wait. No fancy decor, heck no decor, no fancy cutlery- well you have your fingers don't you and well good food. Years ago when I came here for the 1st time, I was wowed, but now I was there just to experience the food and get out... 
You do not have a choice in terms of sides, there is a standard platter that will land in front of you- a sweet chutney with bananas,  and two different kinds of potato based gravies. That is it!! We decided to try the dry fruit and tomato paratha and both were delicious. They come piping hot, so you was for a few minutes and hope to not burn your fingers/mouth and just gulp it down in a jiffy... It is not very spicy and so works for all.. 
The cost varies from 40-100 bucks, depending on how rich the filing is. apart from this, the only other thing they serve are lassis.. 

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