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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Benjarong- Meal in a Tiffin box...

The new trend is to have set menu, the corporate/executive lunches... And so jumping on this wagon, but doing it in style, Benjarong has launched tiffin box meals.. It is probably the only restaurant I go to for Thai food and so this concept is a cool addition to their hat. 

So, if two of you[ friends/ family/colleagues/etc] are heading out for lunch, all you need to do is order yourself one of these and voila, your meal arrives piping hot, packing in a traditional yet contemporary tiffin box and you dig in...  

It contains a starter, a Salad, Rice, Noodles, a side dish and the dessert is served separately. The portions are good enough for two, and it comes fresh off the stove. Reminding us of the days when we used to get hot lunches at school, this tiffin box has a dash of nostalgia element to it as well. The only catch/point to be noted is both of you need to be either Veg or non veg.. You cannot get a mixed box, kinda complicated to put together, right? 

All this is priced at Rs899 plus tax.. Quite a steal for amazing food..

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