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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Breakfast - From a box..

I love a good breakfast and during the years when I lived alone, it was the my cherished time in the kitchen. I would stare into the fridge for a few minutes [ even though I could recite what was there, in which shelf and how much was left of what].. And then there would be these voices in my head going - pancake, sandwich, french toast, cornflakes,etc... Depending on the mood, I would finally get around to cooking up the breakfast. I have also done breakfast in a jar- where I pack a jar/bottle with oats, fruits, honey, chia seeds, nuts and a small spoonful of milk or curd.. In the morning, just before eating it, I add more of milk/curd and allow it to get soaked up before diving in.. Quite yumm. I cant be bothered to do those fancy breakfast bowls or smoothies you see online, esp Instagram... 

Even if it was pancakes, there would be days when it would have apples, other days for chocolate and then some days just dry fruits.  But ever since I moved back to grandparents house, breakfast though remains an important meal, has become blah. On most days it is Ragi porridge with some fruits, or cornflakes with fruits. Last week when I had gone to visit my folks, mom gave me this box that my sis had brought from Amsterdam. Mom's idea of breakfast is cornflakes or a 2nd cup of coffee/tea. Mom gave this to me saying "She said you can eat it as it is for breakfast but I am kicked about trying it, why dont you?". 

Upon inspecting the box, I came to know it was a Granola mix made with kelp, Spirulina, coconut and few other ingredients, including various nuts & oats. It did not have any sugar and was Vegan.  The first day, I took out my bowl, filled it with milk, cornflakes, fruits and topped with a few pieces of this granola and ate it. I  realised it did not have any specific flavour on its own and was alright... 2nd day, I had this as it is in a small bowl, but I do prefer it with something warm/hot. And so this week I have had it with my ragi porridge - I add maybe a tsp of this on top . 

Some of the Product benefits listed on the product are, 
  • A non-cereal breakfast cereal.
  • Flavoured using coconut and spirulina.
  • One portion of Green Granola Coconut & Spirulina contains 0.23 mg of iodine, which is 150% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA).
  • The nuts in this granola have been pre-soaked.
  • Wholesome, certified organic, vegan and raw.
  • Dried and processed at low temperatures.
  • Totally pure and free from fillers and other additives.
  • Contains no gluten, soy, dairy products, artificial additives, refined sugars or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and rawfood fans.
Well, since I love experimenting with food, I am always game to try new things. Plus lets be honest, who in Chennai has seen Kelp and these kinda granulas [some of them are available now in stores, but quite sweet]  Next up, am gonna try my hand at making granola at home, quite easy from what I see on other blogs..

What is your go to breakfast? 

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