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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dominos, Bangalore

The minute i mentioned book store, my cousin chimed in "can you pick up an order of Garlic sticks from Dominos along with some cheese dip please, her face broke out in the biggest grin i'd seen"

I smiled and nodded watching her beam in joy.. She was 8+ months preggers and had a craving for garlic sticks... 

Headed out to explore a few book stores in the neighborhood before hitting Dominos. I was accompanied by my other cousin R, who asked if we could have something to eat while we waited for the Garlic Sticks order to be processed. We ordered a medium thin crust Mexican veg pizza. The entire outlet was decked in standard red colours, with quite a few balloons and posters of new items on the menu...


The pizza was quite delicious.. It had tomatoes, capsicum, Jalepenos, onion and cheese. The base was thin crust, well cooked and not crunchy like chips. The pizza was filled with flavour and quite yummy. By the time i reached out for my 2nd slice, the Garlic sticks arrived in our table. I was at Dominos after ages, and discovered they had stopped serving the Wraps [ have had them earlier in Chennai, and enjoyed them]

The Garlic sticks came home and within minutes a box was empty. The sticks are so soft, and ooze with garlic flavour. 

Price: 8/10 [The Pizza, 1/2 lt coke and 2 garlic sticks worked out to Rs525]
Ambiance- 8/10
Service- 8/10

The outlet i visited in Bangalore is near Frank Antony School, Ulsoor
You can also order online-

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