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Friday, June 8, 2012

Donut House, Chennai

What is round, and sweet, or
What is round and has cheese on top
What is round and has a gooey sweet filling with a simple icing?

There can only be one answer.. Donuts from Donut House!! The outlet i visited was the one in Egmore and it was World Donut Day- June1st and they had an offer " Buy 1 get 1 free".. How cool is that? So, on the way back from a meeting, i hopped into the place and brought home 2 boxes of 6 donuts in all.. 

This was not my 1st visit to the Donut house, but it was the 1st time i was there alone.. The very 1st visit was to catch up with a friend, when we split a sandwich and had a cool drink.. The 2nd time was a meeting with my partner & a PR agency... So, this was a special visit of sorts!! I have had donuts in many many many places, and also know how to make them at home [ i did attend a bakery class thanks to a friend wanting to learn cooking/baking before she tied the knot] Since then, i had made donuts at home plenty of times, but they were all the usual boring donuts with chocolate icing. 

 Alas, the oven died a not so pleasant death and since then no baking, unless it can be cooked in a micro wave oven. This brought an end to my Donut making days...!! 

So, anyways, i digress. There i was at Donut house, and instantly eyes went towards the display counter, making sure there were some of different flavours still sitting pretty in their trays. I picked out the savory Donut- with grated cheese and Italian herbs to eat, and went on to order some for take away. It was the 1st time i was having a savory donut, the common ones are with chocolate icing [sold in bakeries across the country and very few are yummy, most are dry, dense or just weird tasting]

Special mention: All donuts at Donut House are eggless!! 

Spotted Bhuvanesh in the kitchen, who graciously came to say hello and we ended up chatting quite a bit!! Recently, he has opened the 2nd outlet [not counting the stand in Express Avenue Food court], which he said was faring quite nicely.

I noticed an image of what looked like Donuts with Olives, and instantly Bhuvanesh jumped in saying "sorry, we dont have it today" :)

The donuts look so inviting, with shimmering sauces and toppings, all sitting neatly in the trays as if they were waiting for marching orders. I brought home a few chocolate donuts, 1 that was lemon tea with a beautiful lemon filling, 1 that had blueberry filling and an Irish coffee donut....  not only did these donuts look good, they tasted divine as well... Friends & Family who had them couldnt stop raving about them!!

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10 [ i picked up my order from the counter]
Price: 8/10 [Rs50 per donut]
Varieties: 9.5/10 [waiting for them to surprise me some more ;)]

Wellington Plaza  [Next to Presidency Club, opp to Ethiraj College for women]
Dr. PV Cherian Crecent Salai,
Egmore, Chennai- 600008

Phone: 09600127725

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